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Capcom's Fight Club in Chi-Town Delivers a Wallop


On the clear moonlight night of September 22, fans of the popular Marvel vs Capcom gathered together in a lone warehouse deep in the industrial district of Chicago, Illinois for Fight Club. Put together by Capcom's community team, people came from all over to get their hands on the third installment in the franchise. We began the night in a small courtyard, surrounded by a massive crowd, and then were ushered into the desolate warehouse with dozens upon dozens of consoles teamed with large screens for competitive play.

This wasn’t the only thing clearly noticeable in the warehouse – the decorations helped set the mood for the entire night. Florescent lights lined the walls of the structure, as well as the aforementioned TVs and PlayStation 3s. Every single unit was of course running the latest build of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 straight from Tokyo Game Show. So before ever setting foot in the warehouse, it resembled any typical abandoned building where bums normally squat for a nights in succession – fitting for a Fight Club gathering.

Even with the limited number of people allowed inside, it was fairly crowded; so receiving the opportunity to play Marvel vs. Capcom 3 normally meant a 20 minute wait in line. To compliment the wait, fans who were lucky enough to get in would make small talk to help pass the time.

As for the game itself, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is as smooth as butter. Air combos flow beautifully from one to another, graphics have received a colorful facelift, and the new characters have a series of complex maneuvers that are challenging for diehards to learn. Before starting a match, players are asked to select between select styles – some new, some old – with a third super added in for old favorites.

For my session my dream team of Morrigan, Trish, & Amateratsu was assembled. Unfortunately for my first encounter with the title, I lost in dramatic fashion, but it was still entertaining from beginning till the bitter end. I can’t complain as I lost to an opponent who used Dante with emphatic style. Digging Dante’s new comic book atheistic – along with the rest of the game – it was beautiful in motion.

Halfway through the night Capcom's community manager Seth Killian – otherwise known as “S-kill” to the fighting game community – took the stage to give a short speech thanking everyone for their support. Other than the game itself, there were mini-themed events that fans could participate in. A huge projector covered a wall in front of the refreshment table, where trailers and matches played all night. Music played over the course of the event, spun by a DJ R- Rated who played one of the best sets I've ever heard at a gaming event. One of the coolest events of the night was the Bruise Bar where fans could get makeup applied to simulate being in an actual street fight. I got it done myself and came home with a black eye and a split lip!

When it came close to saying goodnight, everyone was once again herded back into the courtyard where we were given some fancy swag. Handed out was an awesome set of Capcom shot glasses featuring Street Fighter, Final Fight, Ghost and Goblins, and Megaman. Fans who had arrived earlier that day were promised an extra special gift. Those individuals walked away with Captain America t-shirts.

The themed event was a success as it paved way for fans to get a sneak peak at what the future holds for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. One thing's for sure: Capcom definitely knows how to treat their fans and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will not disappoint its loyal players.

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