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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Comparison to Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Are you tired of Modern Warfare 3 comparisons to Battlefield 3?  I am.  Even if you aren’t, now that Battlefield 3 is out, half of the mystery is gone.  With only five days until Modern Warfare 3 is out, soon the mystery will be completely debunked and players of both will finally be able to say which game is the superior title.  Again, I’m not interested in that.  I say full mystery or go home!

This brings my attention to Skyrim.  Both Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim are receiving huge hype, they are both highly anticipated, are both released next week, and most importantly, they aren’t even close to being in the same genre – what BETTER games to make a comparison!  Onward, I say:


A popular choice for killing in the CoD games is your trusted combat knife.  This quick slash is known for its drive by speed and the killer of many unaware snipers.  While this attack is short range, it is popular due to its one shot kill.  While the combat knife is simple and effective, Skyrim takes melee to a whooooole different level.  The dagger (similar to the combat knife) will be popular to rouges and assassins.  Backstabs and assassinations will possibly be one-shot kills, but attacks to the front will have minimal damage. 

There will be other melee besides daggers.  The released perks mention ‘warhammers,’ ‘battleaxes,’ and ‘greatswords.’  These are massive two handed weapons which will be popular among the warrior class.  As much as the image of a modern soldier running around with a SMG with a battleaxe strapped to his back amuses me, I’m afraid MW3 won’t have this option.  It really amuses me though.

Lastly, shields.  I’ve heard a fair share of people rage over the ‘riot shield’ in previous CoD titles.  Its ability to negate all incoming bullets is frustrating.  It’s questionable if Skyrim shields will be as effective.  Granted, in Skyrim there will be many more options of shields, but will they have the same sort of negation?  If there is a tower shield – maybe.  In both games, you will be weak to back attacks though. 

Skryim dragon and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


Modern Warfare 3 is a game about range.  Even if you are THAT guy who only runs around with the speed perk, sprint perk, and uses an SMG or shotgun with the sole purpose of stabbing everyone (you know THAT guy) – it is still a range game.  The game focuses around guns; if it is an SMG, a shotgun, an assault rifle, or sniper rifle, they all go bang (even silenced) with the intention of killing someone.  MW3, as far as range is concerned, goes way beyond just guns though.  Through helicopters, jets, bombers, and guided missiles, past MW games have made ranged combat an aggressive must.

The Skyrim perks have released a few ranged options.  Will they be as massive as guided missiles?  Honestly… possibly.  While MW3 takes a more realistic approach, Skyrim is, of course, fantasy.  With that said, one of the options of gameplay is ‘magic.’  The destruction tree of magic focuses on wielding powerful spells to eliminate enemies at range.  How do bullets compare to fireballs, ice storms, and lightning bolts?

Call of Duty: Black Ops implemented a crossbow.  Here is where the two games can agree.  The warrior perks in Skyrim has an archery tree.  Bows will be implemented for a non-magical range combat in Skyrim


Sneaking up on the unsuspecting victim and then getting that one-shot kill is always an adrenaline rush.  Do you go for the instant melee kill, or do you go for the ranged head shot?   In the MW series, there are perks that allow for silent footsteps, invisibility to gadgets, and reduced falling damage.  These skill combined make for easier knife kills and team flanking.  Similarly, in Skyrim there is a thief perks focusing around stealth.  These skills include making less noise while moving, better damage out of stealth, and no sound while running.  In both games, crouching is a must!

Aerial Assault:

As previously mentioned, in MW3 there are many dangers that come from the air.  There are stray bullets, grenades, helicopters, bombers, and missiles, to name a few..  All and any of those things can lead you straight into the respawn screen.   In Skyrim, however, arrows and rogue spells are the least of your trouble.  Part of the story involves the return of dragons.  These dragons are taking to the skies and are going to swoop down upon you.  What is worse – a Cobra helicopter strike or a strafe of dragon fire?  Unknown.


In the CoD series, you get hit a few hits by bullets, survive somehow, and hide behind a corner and regenerate your health back.  While CoD’s health system isn’t realistic, it is also not fantasy.  Skyrim’s perks has released rejuvenation healing magic to restore health.  On top of magic, potions and alchemy will exist to return those lost hit points.  Drinking something to make yourself feel better is something we can relate too; this is probably the only aspect of the games that makes Skyrim MORE realistic than MW3.

Leveling / Upgrading:

In both games there is a leveling and upgrading system.  The more you use a MP5 – the more attachments you can use for it.  The more your swing a greatsword – the better you get at swinging it.  The longer you play, complete objectives, and kill everything in sight – the higher level you get.  In both games, your increased levels allow you to unlock new perks.  These perks offer customization of your character and what abilities / skills they can use.  Do I want to be invisible to heartbeat sensors, or be able to cast the invisibility spell?   Both are completely viable options.

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