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Call of Duty: Ghosts cheats: Rorke Intel Locations and how to unlock Audiophile Achievement/Trophy


You know what's more important than ensuring a fellow Ghost's survival? It's intel. Without intel, the Ghosts would be going in blind. No info about their enemies, the location, nothing!

Ok, perhaps these pieces of intel are just there to make you scavenge the levels a little harder, and not just run and gun through them.

Thankfully, we compiled a list of all the Rorke Files Intel locations so you don't have to run around aimlessly until you happen to find one. These intel pieces will look like Laptops.

Mission: Ghost Stories

As soon as you regain control of Logan, a road in front of you will begin to crumble. After the first jump, instead of following Hesh, stay on the sidewalk and you'll have to run through a house that has a car parked outside of it. Right before you exit the house, you'll find the piece of intel on the floor on the right

Mission: Brave New World

The intel can be acquired after talking to Elias, and right before he leads you to the top floor balcony. The intel is on a table in a room full of monitors.

Mission: No Man’s Land

When you enter the Contruction area, go inside the brown building that looks like a bunker, and the intel will be waiting for you on on a desk to your right.

Mission: Struck Down

After breaching the locker room, check to your left and you'll find the intel inside a cabinet.

Mission: Homecoming

This intel can be found right at the beginning of the mission. When you enter the building, instead of running up the stairs, run to the left. You'll find the intel sitting on top of some sandbags.

Mission: Legends Never Die

After clearing the office room with Rorke that has two enemies in it, the intel piece will be located on a desk right by their dead bodies.

Mission: Federation Day

In this vertical level, you'll find the piece of intel after you enter the building by rappelling down. Head left and wrap around into the office that will be on your left. You'll see Hesh still hanging on the window. The intel piece is on a desk in that room to the right.

Mission: Birds of Prey

When you breach the room that has Rorke in it, grab the piece of intel directly behind him.

Mission: The Hunted

Follow your team and be on the lookout for a waterfall. To the left of it will be some vines, and the intel will be on the ground.

Mission: Clockwork

When the power goes out, enter the office that's surrounded by glass windows that's in front of you. The intel is waiting on a desk.

Mission: Atlas Falls

This intel can be found once you enter the Pressure Regulator Control Room. Once Merrick takes down the enemy, turn to your right and you'll find the intel inside the small room.

Mission: Into the Deep

Sink the ship take out the divers. Look to your right on top of a stone, a piece of intel will be waiting for you.

Mission: End of the Line

This piece of intel can be found below the stairs after you enter the Missile Room. Just run down and go behind them to find it.

Mission: Sin City

Once you crawl through the gate and enter the big room, go to your left and you'll find the intel sitting on top of a table.

Mission: All or Nothing

Immediatelly after putting on your mask, instead of running through the door, turn around and check the bed to the left of the room. The intel will be there.

Mission: Severed Ties

Once the missiles are launched, exit the room, but instead of following Hesh, make your first right and then head into the room to your left. The intel will be on the table.

Mission: Loki

After the Fuel Line explodes, float your way toward the orange Solar Panel, the intel will be floating near the bottom of it.

Mission: The Ghost Killer

After Hesh punches out the TV screen with Rorke on it, look behind you and go around the corner, you'll find the intel sitting on a toolbox.

Congratulations, you just unlocked the Audiophile Achievement/Trophy

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