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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Map Strategies – Mirage

At long last, the first DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Revolution, is out for Xbox 360. With each new map comes specific strategies, and I will be going over each of the four new maps in order to help you be the best soldier you can be. Remember, you also get the powerful Peacekeeper SMG in the Revolution map pack, so be sure to use it. Viva la Revolution.


Map #19 Mirage

Mirage features buildings, open sandy areas and more buildings. This seems to be the norm for Black Ops 2 maps these days, and the trend continues here.

This map is covered in sand and features long, open areas and tight corridor buildings with their own perch areas. The main building is two stories tall in the middle of the map; it has many ways of entering and can be taken control of very easily. This building is a circular design, and you can die in a variety of ways if you’re not careful.

All the way on the right side of the map is what looks like an empty pool with a staircase above it. This staircase area gives you a look at the big building mentioned above, but also two other perch spots where enemies hide on either side of you. The two sides in question are a rooftop on your left (which enemies always stay at) and a separate second story building with a window on the right. Fending off this area is a difficult task so make sure you throw down a shock charge or claymore so people can’t easily kill you from behind.

There is also a small corridor off to the side of the map (by a bus) that a lot of action takes place in. You can climb in the bus and use it as cover for easy kills. I would recommend throwing down your lethal and tactical equipment in this area.

Weapon Recommendation

Mirage is good for two weapon types -- assault rifles and SMGs. If you are still trying to get used to the Peacekeeper in more long-range combat, I would suggest using it here. If not, assault rifles are the way to go with their more long-range approach. No matter what, make sure you use the fore grip on your weapon because there are areas where you need pinpoint accuracy. I would also suggest using a claymore/shock charge setup to protect yourself in this map.

Mirage 2

Pick 10

Primary – Peacekeeper

Attachments – Target Finder, Suppressor, Fore Grip

Secondary – None

Perk 1 – Lightweight

Perk 2 – Cold Blooded

Perk 3 – Dead Silence

Lethal – Claymore

Tactical – Shock Charge

Wildcard – Primary Gunfighter


Scorestreaks that are perfect for Mirage are as followed:

RC-XD  Maneuver this car around the sand for easy kills.

UAV – Find out where all the enemies are

Care Package – Hope for the best scorestreak

Turret – Throw this down for easy kills

Hunter Killer – Throw this in the sky for freebies

Mirage gameplay

Overall Thoughts

Mirage rounds out the multiplayer maps in Revolution with another solid map. The battles in the sand are fun and provide a nice refresher from the jungle and building levels scattered throughout the game. The Revolution DLC is an excellent purchase for fans of Black Ops 2 and the Peacemaker is the icing on the cake.

What do you think of Mirage? Did you find similar playstyles to mine helpful? What are your strategies for Mirage? Let me know in the comments below.

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