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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Map Strategies – Meltdown


Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is finally here. As most of you will soon find out, jumping straight into multiplayer without any idea of the maps, weapons and scorestreaks will be difficult. Luckily for you, I’ve been playing the game almost exclusively with countless trial and error to bring you my thoughts and weapon choices for each map. You see, every map is vastly different from one another and you have five different classes to make, so you better make good use of them. I will be going in alphabetical order for the on-disk maps while DLC maps (such as Nuketown 2025) will be last. When the first pack of DLC comes out, I will add to this ever-expanding list.


Map #7 Meltdown

Meltdown is an interesting map. On one hand you have a basic Call of Duty layout full of windows and an inverted hill and on the other hand you have a large circle in which to battle in. This map also doesn’t come up a lot in my multiplayer sessions, and when it does it usually loses the vote.

There are a lot of buildings in this level as it takes place in a Pakistan Power Plant from the looks of it. I would run around minding my own business only to get hit from the multiple windows throughout the level. I would advise you to check your surroundings before making a run for it since it’s hard to see enemies crouched in windows from far away.

The large circle you see on the bottom middle of the map is pretty cool. It’s a little darker then the rest of the map and is useful for close range players only. A shotgun is deadly in this circle and should win every time. There is also no way to get killed from a long distance when you’re inside the circle since snipers and long range assault players can see you unless they enter the circle.

Right above the circle on the map is a giant two-sided ramp that makes battles really interesting. Since buildings surround it, you have to put yourself in a position to see barely over the ramp to see down it but also not leave yourself totally exposed to enemies by the windows. It’s a tricky situation but gives you a sight advantage over the other side.

Weapon Recommendation

I have adopted a new attachment, not only for this map but for all of the others as well. I now you the suppressor so enemies cant see me on the mini-map when I shoot. If you’ve read my other map strategies, you’ll see that I never used it before but I felt that it gave enemies too much of an advantage and would get swarmed when I shot. Primary Gunfighter gives you the ability to use three attachments so I went with Target Finder, Suppressor and Fore Grip on my Type 25 assault rifle.

I still really like the Shock Charge as my tactical weapon since it really messes someone up if they walk into it. I usually place them behind me so nobody can sneak up on me and pick it back up when I leave. It’s a useful tool if you hate getting killed from behind.

Meltdown overview

Pick 10

Primary – Type 25

------------Attachments – Suppressor, Target Finder, Fore Grip

Secondary – None

Perk 1 – Hardline

Perk 2 – Cold Blooded

Perk 3 – Dead Silence

Lethal – Grenade

Tactical – Shock Charge

Wildcard – Primary Gunfighter


For Meltdown, I used these scorestreaks:

Care Package – I usually don’t get anything good, but when I do it’s a great feeling.

Hunter Killer – Easy kill for your scorestreak

RC-XD – My favorite from Black Ops 2 is much harder to get in this game.

Sentry Gun – Place this on the top of the ramp or in the big circle

Lightning Strike – Pick your three favorite spots to kill enemies in

Meltdown Gameplay

Overall Thoughts

Meltdown is an average Black Ops 2 map. It has a lot of cool ideas (the big circle and the ramp) but doesn’t offer much more than that in terms of original ideas. It is, however, a solid entry into the overall high quality maps for the game.

What do you think of Meltdown? Did you find similar playstyles to mine helpful? What are your strategies for Meltdown? Let me know in the comments below.

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