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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Map Strategies – Drone


Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is finally here. As most of you will soon find out, jumping straight into multiplayer without any idea of the maps, weapons and scorestreaks will be difficult. Luckily for you, I’ve been playing the game almost exclusively with countless trial and error to bring you my thoughts and weapon choices for each map. You see, every map is vastly different from one another and you have five different classes to make, so you better make good use of them. I will be going in alphabetical order for the on-disk maps while DLC maps (such as Nuketown 2025) will be last. When the first pack of DLC comes out, I will add to this ever-expanding list.

Map #4 Drone

Welcome to the jungle, well sort of. Drone takes place in a jungle setting but with buildings everywhere. Included in some of the buildings are automatic doors that open when you’re located near them.

Going horizontally on the map above, the middle area to the left and right is where the snipers sit. If you find yourself running between the buildings, keep your eyes open as the left side is a jungle where they hide and the right side is a building where they hang out. Snipers blend in easier on the left but the shot is harder than it is when perched on the building. You can easily see the snipers on the building since it’s a gray slap they’re standing on.

The building on the bottom of the map (with the sliding doors) is where most of the battles start and finish. As you can see above, it takes up roughly half of the map and even connects to the buildings on the other side. If you stand on the ramp between the two buildings, you’ll have a perfect chance to kill the snipers who are usually fixed on the ground below you. Also look both ways before you cross that ramp.

Back to the main building though, as that’s where most of your fights take place. When you maneuver up the hallways, you’ll enter a room where you and your teammates will die a lot. Across the hallway there is another room (it doesn’t matter which one you’re in) where enemies will shoot you from the corners. Make sure you look in the corners of the windows before you make a run for that side or just want to get out of the connected rooms. The room that leads to the outdoor ramp is harder to maintain since there are two doors and a large window to protect. Don’t stay in there too long or else you’ll get flanked by one of those locations.Drone part 2

Weapon Recommendation

This map requires either a long ranged weapon or a quick SMG loadout in order to cover a lot of the map in a little bit of time. I found it more important to have long-range accuracy and went with my trusty Type 25 with a fore grip for better accuracy and the target finder to help locate enemies hidden in the jungle foliage and windows of the buildings.

Pick 10

Primary – Type 25

------------Attachments – Fore Grip, Target Finder, Quickdraw Hadle

Secondary – None

Perk 1 – Hardline

Perk 2 – Cold Blooded

Perk 3 – Dead Silence

Lethal – Semtex Grenade (Sticky)

Tactical – Shock Charge

Wildcard – Primary Gunfighter (3 attachments)


Some of the best Scorestreaks for Drone include:

UAV – UAV is the easiest thing to obtain and it works great

Counter UAV – Counter UAV is easy to obtain as well and is equally as useful

Hunter Killer – Throw this towards the sniper spots and kill them

Care Package – Hope you get something awesome

Sentry Gun – Put this in a corner of one of the rooms, watch people die

Remember, most of encounters take place inside a building, so choose your Scorestreaks wisely.


Overall Thoughts

Drone is a middle of the pack map in my eyes. It does some things well but the way the action takes place in one building makes the rest of the map seem worthless (mainly the top). The building does lead to some intense firefights which is the redeeming part of the map and the only way to make the most of it. Remember to check the corners of the windows inside the building since that’s the main camping on the map.

What do you think of Drone? Did you find similar playstyles to mine helpful? What are your strategies for Drone? Let me know in the comments below.

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