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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Map Strategies – Carrier


Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is finally here. As most of you will soon find out, jumping straight into multiplayer without any idea of the maps, weapons and scorestreaks will be difficult. Luckily for you, I’ve been playing the game almost exclusively with countless trial and error to bring you my thoughts and weapon choices for each map. You see, every map is vastly different from one another and you have five different classes to make, so you better make good use of them. I will be going in alphabetical order for the on-disk maps while DLC maps (such as Nuketown 2025) will be last. When the first pack of DLC comes out, I will add to this ever-expanding list.

Map #3 Carrier

Carrier takes place on an airplane carrier. Clever name aside, Carrier is a blast to play and takes place in two main zones. The first is left most part of the map you see above. The rectangle on the top left represents a slightly raised platform that is ideal for long-range combat. You have a large view of the battlefield from this spot and can kill multiple people in a row while having your entire body protected.

The middle of the map is classic close ranged Call of Duty gameplay. Running around with an SMG is deadly and I advise you sty away from it unless you have a quick gun at your disposal. You can usually count on the sniper rifles on the left side, SMG’s in the middle and assault rifle players on the right. Make sure to take cover if you tread in the middle of the battlefield as the long range

Speaking of the right side of the map, there is a closed corridor for quick gunfights and a path that leads to the aforementioned sniper perch. If the snipers are distracted, you can easily hit them from the side or run up and knife them. Enemies usually spawn on this side of the map, so you might have to kill a few people in order to get to the sniping spot. Once you claim it, make sure to set either a claymore or relatable item down so people can’t hit you the same way you hit them.

Weapon Recommendation

For this map, I went the assault rifle route. The assault rifle provides you with a long-range option with the ability to kill at a close range. I also equipped the quickdraw handle on said rifle, in order to keep up with SMG players. My favorite assault rifle is the Type 25 even though there are statistically better guns available so I tend to stick with that one.

The assault rifle class doesn’t limit you to just close range combat, and enables you to use the sniping perch if you so desire. With a target finder attached, you can find enemies easier and dominate the battlefield.

Carrier action

Pick 10

Primary – Type 25

-------------Attachments – Target Finder, Quickdraw Handle, Fore Grip

Secondary – None

Perk 1 – Hardline

Perk 2 – Cold Blooded

Perk 3 – Dead Silence

Lethal - Claymore

Tactical – Shock Charge

Wildcard – Primary Gunfighter (3 attachments)


Some of the best Scorestreaks to use on Carrier include:

Sentry Gun – Place it by the sniper perch for maximum carnage

Care Package – Try to get lucky

Hunter Killer – Throw it in the area of the snipe perch to try for a double kill

Lightning Strike – Pick 3 locations you think enemies are located

Counter UAV – Sneak around undetected

Down the sights

Overall Thoughts

Carrier is an excellent map. There are opportunities for all types of players and play styles. If you know what to expect in each area, the map will feel condensed and you will have a big upper hand. Make sure you’re not on the wrong side of the sniping post and keep your eyes open in the middle of the map.

What do you think of Carrier? Did you find similar playstyles to mine helpful? What are your strategies for Carrier? Let me know in the comments below.

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