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Bitpicking: Color-coded enemies

The video game world has drastically changed over the past decade. It’s easy to look back and say, “Holy crap, that came out 10 years ago!” Video games seem like something that have been with us for over a century, yet it feels like it was just last month that Metal Gear Rising Revengeance came out. Oh wait... that was last month. All jokes aside, games have drastically changed over the course of time, for better or worse. Welcome to The Bitpick, GameZone’s bi-weekly column where I discuss something that annoys me in a game, or multiple games.
This week on The Bitpick, DmC: Devil May Cry is the hot topic, or you might even say that it’s a tad cool. Colored enemies are all the rage in DmC, and it changes up the usual combat antics that Dante executes in the game. There are specifically two colors that an enemy can embody, red or blue. While the raging red enemies are vulnerable to the demon weapons that Dante wields, they are invulnerable to every other weapon types, including guns. The blue enemies, as you can guess, are only vulnerable to angel weapons. It’s an interesting design that sounds nice on paper. Sadly, the execution and its result is far from it. 
In theory, colored enemies are supposed to make encounters more difficult. Whether you zone out the colored enemies by knocking them away, or stunning them so you can hack away at the normal ones or finish off the colored ones first, it creates an odd feeling. The Devil May Cry games pride themselves on flashy combos and crazy attacks -- at least, this was the intent in 3 and 4. DmC aims to do the same thing as its predecessors. Oddly enough, this isn’t the case when colored enemies are thrown into fray. More often than not, it throws the creative combos out the window. 
I always enjoyed playing Devil May Cry games, even if I couldn’t pull off stellar combos. Just knowing the fact that I can do some semblance of a combo on an enemy using whatever move I want was amazing. This was the case in both Devil May Cry 3 and 4. I played DmC fairly recently due to the addition of Bloody Palace. I loved hacking away enemies for multiple rounds in Bloody Palace in the previous games and I thought I would enjoy them in the new one as well. I was wrong. While the normal enemies are fun to fight and hack away at, the moment colored enemies pop up I sigh in disappointment. Because I’m not a pro at playing the game it’s hard for me to deal with both types of enemies simultaneously with excellent precision. After all, since the red enemies are only vulnerable to demon weapons what I tend to do is just use only my demon weapon throughout the entirety of the fight or until all the red enemies are gone.
Of course this gets a tad more complicated once blue and red enemies appear at once with the normal enemies. It was already annoying trying to beat one type of colored enemy to death but now I have to deal with two - I’m thankful that they didn’t put a third one. If there are two types out on the field I end up knocking one away or locking them up with a stun so I have time to deal with the remaining colored ones. It’s an extremely cheap tactic and surprisingly the game actually encourages it since it’s one of the tips it shows in the main game. 
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