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BioShock Infinite Walkthrough

Welcome to the city of the Skies... The world of Infinite.... Bioshock: Infinite
GameZone brings you the complete guide on Bioshock Infinite so join us as we soar through the skies...

BioShock Infinite

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Battleship Bay
Soldier's Field
Hall of Heroes
Return to Heroe's Plaza
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Finkton Docks
Finkton Proper
The Good Time Club
The Bull House Impound
The Factory
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Downtown Emporia
--Memorial Gardens
The Bank of the Prophet
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Comstock House
The Hand of the Prophet
Hangar Deck, Engineering Deck, Command Deck
The Sea of Doors


The Lighthouse

1912 Coast of Maine...
The game starts off with a funny conversation and when you reach the pier look to the left and climb the ladder onto the pier as the boat you were on goes away... not knowing when it'll come back, let's move ahead now.... (There are a couple of Silver Eagles - The Currency, to the left behind the wood wall)
Go from the right ahead to the entrance and before knocking, move left to find a barrel with a couple of things in it and a Silver Eagle on the ground. You'll obviously need to keep an eye out for such barrels and other boxes which may hold useful stuff for you so keep watching.
Knock on the door and let yourself in. You'll need to get up to the top most floor here and on your way, read the placards to the right at the foot of each level of stairs and on the top most level you'll come to three bells. As shown on the card which Booker draws out, hit the first bell once and the others twice and watch the world thunder red. Go inside and sit in the Fancy Chair and after the Ascension -

Welcome  Center

Objective: Find a Way into the City

After you see the wonderful city, you land and keep reading the one liners you come across, soon you'll stop so move ahead and to the left. You'll come into the Welcome Center. You can go to the left and right and pick up Silvers and also, you'll find the first Voxophone of the game [[LOVE THE SINNER]] in the left side chamber (to the right inside the chamber). The music here is really soothing...
Go up to the guy dressed in white in the middle room and continue ahead. You'll come up to the congregation ahead, move in close and hit F to enter the circle.

Objective: Accept the Baptism to enter the City

After the Father asks you to get Cleansed move ahead and take his hand...
Open the door and you'll come to Columbia...
You can see the statues of the three founders here..
Washington - The Sword
Franklin - The Key
Jefferson - The Scroll
Each of the followers here has something to say and if you stop at each of them you can listen to the whole prayer to the Fathers. Go ahead and open the door - the view is just fantastic..
Eat anything you come across to regain the bit of lost health but don't worry too much coz we'll come to a Health Kit soon. Move ahead and hit N if you need to know which way to go. Go right from the statue of Comstock and into the Hudson's Suits Cloaks to find a Kinetoscope -  Father Comstock's Gift of Prophecy
Go back out and to the other side and keep going to the end where you'll see a some hoardings fly by and after they go the path ahead opens up. Move ahead and you'll come to a Grocery store to the right where you can find a [[HEALTH KIT]] -
Move back out and you can see another Kinetoscope - Beware, the False Shepard! When you come to the junction, go to the left towards the lady selling the flowers and move ahead into the garden and find the [[EVERYMAN, ALL AT ONCE]] Voxophone on the table to the right. Go back and continue along the path pointer by hitting N.
You can listen to the "God Only Knows" which is sung by a Quartet -
Nice Song...
Continue ahead and you'll come to the Statue of Columbia -

And you'll get a Telegram...

Objective: Go to the Monument Island and Find the Girl
Keep going and you'll come to some steps, go up and to the left you can see the Vigor demonstration - rest assured, we're going to get to that soon enough. Move ahead into the carnival area and to the right before you enter is - THE ENVY OF ALL PEERS Kinetoscope. Move into the carnival area and there are three games you can play here to win some money which is going to be useful a little later. The first is to the right - 
"Cast out the Devil"
You just need to hit right click when you see the devil - he is usually hiding behind one of the three chairs ahead. Get him thrice to win the price...
A bit further to the right -
"Bring down the Skyline Vox"
You'll get a shotgun and you have three prices - make sure you get all three prices just win with different amount of points each time. To get to 20 points you'll need to shoot the Vox when they com together - while they are moving there's a point when two or three Vox on the different lines meet so this is the place you want to shoot. Otherwise just keep shooting the ones you see.
Nearby as you keep moving along -
"Hunt Down the Vox"
You should again score for first second and third places. Just shoot at the Vox -  aim steadily since you have a lit of time to do it. You should also get the Traitor girl who moves along from right to left or vice versa in the back.
Ahead to the left you'll come to the "Possession" Vigor. Take it and drink it. Now after you are done here, use Possession on the Ticket machine -
Replenish your salts with the machine which is right across the Possession stand. Go in and you'll get a Heads or Tails toss, after that, move ahead and cross the policemen showing off their new weapons -
You'll see a statue to the right ahead vibrate -
Go there and you'll find the audio log - [[FOR I AM LONELY TOO]]... and a bit further you get the reveal which we all know was coming for us -


Raffle Square

Look around for supplies and coin and after you are done, move ahead and keep going till you come to the Raffle. Talk to the woman near the raffle to pick a number and you just know who's going to win this right!!!

Anyway, you need to make a choice of whom to throw the ball at or you can just decide not to throw - all outcomes will be same and the police spot the AD mark... all hell breaks loose.

Objective: Fight Your Way to Monument Island
Well, you'll start off with the ripper in your hand so keep meleeing any police guy dumb enough to get close to you. After you kill each of them make sure you are looting their bodies for useful items.
Also another neat trick which you ought to keep doing is the execution. When you see a small skull on top of the enemy's head (it usually appears when you bring his health down a bit) you can get into execution mode if you hold the Melee button. Keep going and after you move ahead for a while, you'll get a gun and the real fun begins. Soon you'll come to two cages which were probably use to restrain the couple from earlier. To the right is a tape - [[SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEM]] and you can buy a Vigor Aid to your Possession.
Go up the platform and ahead and you can interact with the fireworks to the left to blow them up and move ahead where you'll spot a turret machine.
Just behind it to the right is salt if you need... Use Possession on the machine and watch it kill the guards. Keep going to the right and you'll come to a gate which was closed earlier. Destroy the turrt to the right first or use Possession on it and to the left of the gate is a first aid kit if you need it. Go thru and kill the cops who are shooting at you. In the end you can find salts and first aid in a cart to the left and when you get to the gates, interact to open them.
He is pretty easy if you shoot fast. Just hide behind the many may wagons to avoid his grenades and keep shooting him to get him quick. After he dies. Loot him and take the [[DEVIL'S KISS]] Vigor - 00463942
Objective: Go to Monument Island to find the girl

Use your new powers on the unfortunate police ahead - there are patches of oil on the ground (which just happen to exist conveniently for us....) which can be used to make a death trap for the enemies. Once you come to the end, go left and enter the Blue Ribbon.

Comstock Center Rooftops

Objective: Go to Monument Island to find the girl
You can find a few things behind you after you start. Straight ahead are three Kaleidoscopes so check them out and move into the next room. Here you have the ominous couple waiting for you with a Vigor it would seem.... You can find Health behind the counter here and salts on the table. Take the Shield Upgrade from the woman and move ahead.
In the next room past the lady to the left on a desk is a Voxophone [[HALF a JEW]].
Keep going ahead and you will come out to "THE HOOKS" region.
Now you will start learning how to use the freight hooks around Columbia - just look at one hook and hit Space (when the hook glows) to jump and latch onto it.
Jump down ahead to the left where you can see an enemy..
To the right below the steps are several enemies. Keep shooting and make sure you are using your powers Judiciously. Keep going ahead and killing, you can also take cover behind the large things here to avoid some fire - and the shield upgrade you just got works wonders too. You will fight some turrets too so you can choose what to do with them either shoot them or use Possession if you have some. Go to the end of this area and latch onto the hooks ahead.
Jump to the building far ahead and go inside - don't shoot here though as the civilians here are no threat. Go thru the house (you can find Health and Salts in here). You will come out again to another vending machine ahead of you and a Kinetoscope is also nearby. To the right here is the stand for the "Wild West Show" -
It has a Voxophone on it [[A NEW HUNT]]. Keep going (follow the arrow after hitting N if you are having troubles. You'll come to a large gate you can go thru.
Fraternal Order of the Raven
Move inside and go to the left side room from the statue of Comstock. Kill the enemies here and pick up the Voxophone [[THE GIFT OF THE EMANCIPATOR]] from the counter table. Anyway, look around here if you want to and then go up the steps behind the Comstock statue from the central area. Keep going and you'll reach a fraternity. Walk down the steps while preparing for a battle. You ought to set up a trap ahead of you because a lot of enemies run toward you once you go down.
After you kill everyone, walk up on the podium and pick up the [[KEY]] and [[INFUSION]].
After you pick up infusion you can choose to upgrade one of the three critical stats you have and the Key fits a lock in one of the places nearby so you are free to search if you want to - but maybe you will not find anything just yet. Move into the next area and use the elevator.
Go into the large room in the center which has a projector on. The adjacent to this one has a Vox on the table [[SYMBOLS OF OUR LADY]].
There a bookshelf to the right of the main room which you can push and it leads to another room where you'll get your first piece of gear [[URGENT CARE]]. Go back and continue and soon you'll come to a door which will show you a man being eaten by crows live.
Move ahead into the garden like area and the crow master keeps appearing behind you. You can shoot or use Devil's Kiss on him. After you kill him though, you'll get the [[MURDER OF CROWS]] vigor.
Go ahead and some guards come it on whom you can test your new Vigor. In the next room to the right as you enter is another piece of Gear - [BURNING HALO]] Go ahead and move out into the open.
Objective: Go to the Gondola Station
There's a hook ahead, use it to get to the next hook and from the second hook look down and you should see an open house -

You can go in and cause a bit of mayhem. Anyway, after that move ahead into the station and walk inside the station.

Monument Island Gateway

Objective: Find a Gondola to Monument Island
There's a Kinetoscope called "Uncanny Mystery in Columbia" to the right. Now, before you enter the next room be sure you are prepped well because it's going to be a big fight. Keep using the Murder of Crows when you see two to three enemies ahead. Remember that Murder of Crows only weakens and distracts the enemies, you still have to shoot to kill them. Or set up traps using your Devil's Kiss. There are turrets ahead so use Possession on them for some additional help. Go thru out the next door and you'll come out to the skyline -
The Skyline can be used as a means of transport and it's extremely effective and neck-breaking fun. The first time it stops, jump to the right, kill the guy and use the lever here to take out the freight from the way. There's also a Voxophone here [[ANOTHER ARK FOR ANOTHER TIME]].
Continue ahead on the skyline and the next time you stop, jump to the right onto a floating vessel where you can spot an enemy. Jump on him and use the hooks ahead to get to the next area below. Kill the three enemies here and look ahead on the top you will spot the balcony of a room. To the left of the balcony is a sky hook. Use it to get on top and jump into the balcony -
Kill the guy on the balcony and go in and take the [[KILL TO LIVE]] boots from behind the small desk -
Move out the other way and continue on the skyline.
Objective: Ascend the Building to reach the Skyline

Jump onto the building with all the police and just move thru the doors because they start praying. Use the lift inside to go up and when the building blows. Look to the right and use the Hook to board the Zeppelin. Go inside the Zeppelin and see what happens. You'll need to move back and jump out the Zeppelin and latch onto the skyline in time. After you stop moving, jump ahead and go thru the door and into Monument Island.

Monument Tower

Objective: Find the Girl
Move ahead and on top of the closed gates is a hook - use it to jump across and go into the tower. To the left as you enter in one of the lockers is a Vox - [[TIGER BY THE TAIL]]. Keep going ahead and you'll see three levers with names as Transpose No.1 2 or 3. You can pull all of them and then move on inside and in a room to the left you'll find another Vox - [[To: R. Thompson Re: Fuses]].
You can also watch a movie of the girl being recorded. The ahead you'll see another Vox on a table - [[A REWARD, DEFERRED]]. Keep going and use the elevator to go up. In the subsequent areas, you can pull levers which open up observation chambers and also if you see a specimen tracker, use it to know where the specimen is right now. You'll see something freaky and also come across the [[THE SOURCE OF HER POWER]] Vox. Then there's noting much to do except go and meet the girl.
After she open the door with the key you gave her, follow here outside.
Objective: Escape the Statue with Elizabeth
Anyway, just keep running like hell out of this place and the whole tower starts collapsing.

((open the door in the dream...)

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