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Bethesda Talks about the creation of Skyrim – What to Expect?


Reviewers, fan sites, critics, etc., can all talk about the coming of Skyrim – but when it comes to the physical creation of the game, who knows best than Bethesda themselves.  Ultimately, the game is for the fans and players, but dedicated developers are going to want to be happy with their final product before it gets thrown to the hounds.  With the video below, the developers talk about the difficulty in creating of one of the most anticipated games for 2011.

Making Skyrim different was one of the biggest fears that Bethesda's developers had while making the game.  As the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls series, the question of ‘how will this be different and how will it be better’ is on the forefront of their minds.  While these seem like obvious questions, they are important for the development of a better product.  Fans of the Elder Scrolls series will want a similar type of gameplay that they are used to and love.  If Bethesda changes the mechanics too much, then the game will no longer feel like an Elder Scrolls title, which could possibly turn fans off.  At the same time, fans will expect improvement to the gameplay since the last installment.  This balance comes as a challenge for game developers.

In an open world like Skyrim, the creators want to players to feel and be able to go wherever they feel like exploring as part of the experience of the game.  They say in the video that “there are no accidents.”  This means that if you stumble upon a deer, ruins, or discover a stream – you are allowed / supposed to discover all of that.  In an open world setting, if you can survive running across the entire map and make it to a town that is highly challenging for your level – you can.  In Skyrim there will be a ‘main story line,’ but I feel the exploration and side quests will add that extra element and hours of gameplay.

With 280 perks and nearly endless character skill customization, balance will be an issue.  There can’t be that one skill that everyone NEEDS to take.  A warrior who decides to use shields still needs to have use and the ability to progress the game.  There shouldn’t be that ONE spell that is ‘make or break’ any mage.  Likewise, there can’t be that one hybrid build that makes your character unstoppable.   The clip mentions that the developers are working on the player being able to be the rouge they want to be or the assassin the have built for.  See some of the perks HERE.

In the video, Bethesda developers talk about the minute details being what they are focusing on.  A quote from the video says, “It’s all the little things we obsess over.”  This quote to me means that micro aspects of the game are important and not just the large picture or ‘how pretty it is.”  This gives me faith.  Skyrim is so hyped and desired that the release can’t come soon enough.  I’m personally one of those ‘hounds’ I mentioned earlier, waiting to be thrown that November 11th bone.  To end with one last quote to keep the faith train-a-rolling, “At the end of the day – as long as you make a great game, that’s all that matter.”

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