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Best Places For Holiday Bargains


Happy holidays, everyone!  We’re merely a few days from Christmas, and more than likely, you’ve already finished up a great deal of your holiday shopping.  Now it’s time for you to settle in and take care of yourself, and snag a good deal or two to add to your game library.  But where to shop?  Are you careening the clearance aisles at your local store, or perhaps taking a chance checking out what used game stores have to offer?

Well, either way, stop it, because if you’re looking for a great deal, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve scoured the web to locate the best dealers for selling online goods, and, if you’re quick to order, you can snag them for dirt cheap.  So without further ado, here are our favorite retailers, as well as a list of recent deals they’ve offered – some of which are still up for grabs.  Don’t miss out!



While Gamefly is mostly known for dealing with game rentals, it actually has a very good equity when it comes to selling used video games as well.  It deals a lot with stock, and when games lose their popularity, they’re left with some excess copies of said game.  So what better way to profit than to sell them to their customers dirt cheap – and with free shipping, no less?

Gamefly has held some pretty cool gangbusters sales as of late.  Its most recent one provided such hits as Shadows of the Damned (360 version) and Transformers: Dark of the Moon (PS3/360) for $12.99 apiece.  And the specials change up each day, with something new offered each day through Christmas.  The bargains really do add up.  Case in point – we picked up Shadows, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Portal 2 for $38.99 shipped.  That’s less than Shadows or Portal new!

So even if you’re not too keen on the rental side, we suggest checking out Gamefly when it comes to getting stuff on the cheap-cheap.

best buy

Best Buy

While Best Buy hasn’t always been the most reliable retailer in the past when it comes to games, they’ve managed a bit of a turn-around over the last 12 months.  They’re really pushing to get more going in terms of used game sales, and they’ve even rearranged their store set-ups so that they have more of a “professional” gaming center, with folks that – gasp! – actually know what they’re talking about when they suggest games.

The retailer has gone even farther by suggesting daily video game specials, bargain basement deals for customers who are looking for something special without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.  They just recently offered Saints Row the Third for $29.99 – half the price it normally goes for – and most recently, they offered Def Jam Rapstar, the bundle with the microphone, for $5.  What’s more, Flingsmash, with a Wii Remote control with WiiMotion Plus, is $8.  These deals won’t last long.

They’ve also liquidated quite a bit of their online stock, such as Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition for $35 (!) and Infamous 2: Hero Edition for $25.  These deals go QUICK though, so you might want to check their website a little more often these days.  You just might find a steal.



Amazon got to be one of the biggest online retailers for a reason – it ships items quickly and efficiently, and it offers a handful of deals to save you a little cash on the side.  Video games are one of the bigger items it focuses on.  Every year when it hosts an online Black Friday event for its video game section, it literally sells out of everything cool in a matter of minutes, even if they’re heavily stocked on it.  But no matter, there’s plenty of deals to go around.

Amazon offers a lot of “Gold Box” discounts throughout each day, with lightning deals popping up hourly and plenty of bargains here and there to keep buyers intrigued.  It tracks everything in real time in terms of stock, so you never run into a situation where something runs out at the last second.  A percentile tracking shows you just where an item stands, so you know whether to snag it or let it pass by.

Though the shipping costs an arm and a leg (unless you buy over $25 of merchandise, then free Super Saver Shipping kicks in), the selection is unprecedented, and there’s more stuff to find on here than most other online retailers.  So shop away.  Who knows, you just might find something…



Love them or hate them, Gamestop always has something going on when it comes to video game sales, whether it’s the markdown of a popular item or the bottoming out of a game that’s about to go clearance.  The best place to start is on its website at Gamestop.com, where you can easily search for items that have price dropped recently, as well as an overabundance of used items that are in stock.  We’re talking stuff way back to the PS2/Gamecube era, folks.

Specials don’t just stop with daily price drops, though.  The company has recently launched a whole month-long program for its Power Card Pro Members, in which something new is offered each day, like, say, $20 off of Rayman Origins or buy 1 Guitar Hero game, get 2 free.  (Not bad if you like to rock out.)  It also releases a weekly ad every Wednesday to let you know what deals are up, both purchase-wise and with trade-in.

Like we said, not everyone’s crazy about Gamestop, but if you’re serious about game buying, they’re worth a look.


Cheap Ass Gamer

Last but not least, if you can’t find the right deal you’re looking for in the sites we suggested above, and don’t feel like resorting to eBay to solve your problem, then head over to Cheapassgamer.com, where throngs of visitors give a heads-up on the latest deals through interactive forums and posts, as well as heads-up markers to let you know when something is truly hot.  It doesn’t just stop on games, either, as users also point out the best places to get movies and other deals.  There’s even a forum set aside for 3D Blu-Rays, which are a growing trend with the PlayStation 3 being compatible and all.

So stop on by.  You don’t even need to register with the forums to search through deals – though it’s always fun to interact and share a few bargains in the process.  Beats gossiping in the stores themselves.

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