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Best Modern Warfare 3 player ever, or world's biggest d-bag?


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is filled with bugs.  There's no denying that.  The maps are a mess, the weapon balance is a mess, and the spawn points are a mess.  With that being said, it's still filled with extremely competitive players who are blind to the glitches currently in the game.

Point in case: YouTube user "OMGItsBirdman" who posted a video of him "setting a world record" for Modern Warfare 3 for:

  • Most Kills in MW3 - 144
  • Most MOABs in MW3 - 3
  • Fastest MOAB in MW3
  • Most Team MOABs in MW3 - 7

Check out history being made before your very eyes.

I don't know what bothers me more about this video and player.  Is it the cockyness? Or is the fact that he is exploiting a massive spawn glitch and doesn't realize?

I mean, at what point does he realize his skillful play and well-thought-out "strategy" is just taking advantage of a glitch recognized by IW and still not fixed?

It's hard to REALLY hate this guy.  He honestly feels that this is "a really special game" that he's having.  It's a mix between sad, pathetic, and douchey.  

But who are the real ones at fault for things like this happening?  Is it the player who thinks he found an "amazing" spot?  Or is it the developers who shipped this product - and still haven't fixed it.

I think the worst part about this is that others are now using this same glitch to break this guys "record".  Now we have someone going 276-5 using the same spawn glitch.

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