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Battlefield 4 Guide: All seven game modes detailed

Battlefield 4 Conquest

Battlefield 4 will launch with seven distinct game modes playable on all ten of the game's multiplayer maps. While the number of modes may increase post-launch as DLC is released, below are the seven modes available when Battlefield 4 releases. Check them out below:


Combat type: The definitive Battlefield mode –  All-out vehicle warfare mixed with intense infantry actionacross land, air and sea
Designed for: 24 players (X360, PS3) / 64 players (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Commander mode: Optional

Capture flags, eliminate enemy soldiers, and bring down the enemy's ticket count to zero. Conquest is the quintessential Battlefield mode and includes warfare across air, land, and sea.


Combat type: Fast-paced infantry variant of Conquest
Designed for: 20 players (all platforms)
Commander mode: No

Intense, infantry-only game mode that's tigher and more focused. Capturing a flag is much quicker, and the ticket count is lower than in Conquest. You also lose tickets more slowly if you own a minority of the bases.


Combat type: Mad dash in vehicles and on foot to deliver explosives
Designed for: 24 (X360, PS3) 32 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Commander mode: Optional

Obliteration is one of the two new modes in Battlefield 4. In it, a bomb spawns at a random location on the map. Both teams must fight to pick up the bomb, drop it off at one of their opponent's three objectives, arm it, and destroy the objective. Once the bomb detonates, a new one will randomly spawn at a different location. The match lasts until one team has detonated all of the other team's objectives.


Combat type: Competitive close quarters combat
Designed for: 5 vs. 5 players (all platforms)
Commander mode: No

Another new mode in Battlefield 4, defuse is highly competitive and lethal. Each player is given a single life per round. Teams can win by eliminating the enemy squad or arming and detonating a military objective.

Team Deathmatch

Combat type: The classic shooter mode, Battlefield 4 style
Designed for: 20 players (all platforms)
Commander mode: No

Pretty recognizable mode; two teams face off with the first team to reach a preset number of kills being the winner.


Combat type: Fight deep into enemy territory by detonating their M-COM stations
Designed for: 24 players (X360, PS3) 32 players (Xbox One, PS4, PC)
Commander mode: Optional

One team are the Attackers and the other are Defenders. The goal is for the attcking team to arm and destroy two MCOM stations in each zone of the map. The defending team must stop them before they run out of respawns. If the attacking team is successful, two more MCOM stations are spawned deeper ont he map. The mode continues until the attacking team has destroyed all six of the enemy MCOMs, or when the defending team has successfuly depleted the attacking team's respawn tickets.

Squad Deathmatch

Combat type: Four squads fight on the ground with limited vehicle support in a race to the top of the leaderboard
Designed for: 20 players (all platforms)
Commander mode: No

Four squads face off against each other. The first squad to reach the preset number of kills in each round is declared the winner.


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