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Battlefield 4 Class Guide: Assault


Battlefield 4’s Assault class is this game’s frontline warrior. They’re capable of massive damage at close-to-mid range, and they can turn the tide of battle with their ability to heal and revive. One player might play them as a hyperactive, Quake deathmatch-style killing machine, while another will play them more like a Team Fortress medic. Needless to say, they are a great starting class for many players thanks to their versatility. This guide will go into each category of the Assault class loadout, provide some recommendations, and explore best practices for teamwork using this class.

The Guns

Battlefield 4 Assault class strategy guide

It’s hard to go wrong with the Assault class’s fat stack of Assault Rifles. Across the board they are all quick and deadly killing machines at short-to-mid range. Some rifles excel at shorter ranges, and some can even pull their weight at long range, while others are next-to-useless at range. There are a few standouts, but overall this class is the easiest to experiment with and find a gun that suits your personal preference.

My recommendation? Unlock the M416 and work your way through the attachments there. A good grip and a muzzle break with a close range scope like the Holo or Reflex is best. You could go with a long range scope, but honestly it’s best to focus on the range that the M416 excels. It’s a bit of a drag at distance.

From there, you’ll want to work towards some of the later unlocks. The ACE 23 seems to be the talk of the town for Assault Rifles, and for the time being is a favorite regardless of attachments. It will take you some time to get that gun though, so you’ll probably have a pretty good handle on the class by then anyway.

The Gadgets

BF4 Assault Class strategy guide

Your Assault class gadget choices will depend heavily on your play style. In previous Battlefield games, the M320 grenade launcher never left my side, but I’ve found myself having more success in Battlefield 4 playing as a 100% medic. Unlock the defibrillators to revive teammates and the medic bag for keeping them alive. In addition, don’t forget that the defibrillators can be charged by holding the fire button, allowing you to revive a teammate with 100% health.

As for the M320 and the other weapons like M26 MASS and its various ammo types, that will depend on what kind of utility you’re looking for. The M320 is worth swapping out one of the medic gadgets for if you’re really into BF4’s destructibility or if you’re a crack shot with a launcher. I’ve hit a few helicopters in my day, though if you try to take out a tank you’re usually little more than a distraction.

If you’re a run-and-gun killer who often has a huge number of kills and few deaths, you’re probably looking for something to augment your ability to keep killing people. In that case the M26 is a good option, especially when attached to the underbarrel of your primary weapon. Having a quickly accessible shotgun is a huge benefit in tight quarters. Ultimately the decision is yours, but for beginners I think a full medic loadout is best.

The Field Upgrade

Battlefield 4 Assault Class guide

Combat Medic is the field upgrade of choice for the medic player, flat out. The speed with which you can get a full revive is a very nice benefit and being able to deploy more than one medic bag is a great way to help out and rack up a ton of points.

For someone rocking the M320 you’ll probably want to go for the Grenadier upgrade. The potential for starting with 3 extra grenades is a big boon. The potential for more sprint, durability against explosions, and extra hand grenades isn’t a bad benefit either.

For the run-and-gun players, you’ll likely lean toward one of two disciplines -- Defensive or Offensive. Here defensive doesn’t mean safer so much as it gives you a little bit more potential to survive crazy situations. On the same note, the Offensive upgrade is great if you’re one of those people who stays alive long enough to run out of bullets often. The bottom line is that the Assault class is malleable enough to accommodate just about any upgrade you choose, but there are clear benefits based on how you like to play.

Recommended Strategies and Teamwork

Battlefield 4 Assault Class tips

For medic-style Assault players you’ll want to stick with a group, your squad, or find the hot spots in the battlefield. You are a key player in the frontline push. Dropping medic bags will keep your teammates alive longer, and reviving fallen friends will conserve your team’s tickets. Remember, a fully charged defibrillator shot is best, as a teammate that comes back with full health is more likely to survive.

Grenadiers will want to seek out areas where the enemies are congested and flush them out, or use the M320 to make new paths through an area. There is a temptation to shoot at every tank you see and pick away at them, but you shouldn’t make that decision lightly. As a way to put a damaged tank over the edge the M320 is great, and tactically it can be a nice distraction, but pegging a tank is almost always a quick way to sign your life away.

For the most part, playing Assault is straightforward. Run and gun, rush into combat, and try to kill as many bad guys as possible. But in the middle of that it’s important to constantly remember the tenants of Battlefield: help your team and play the objective. If you’re pushing, push towards an objective, and always try to keep your team on top. Good luck!

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