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Battlefield 4 Cheats: All Levolution events detailed

Battlefield 4 Levolution

As an online-focused game, there aren't actual "cheats" in Battlefield 4 per sey. There are, however, strategies you can employ to give you an advantage when on the battlefield. To help establish these strategies you must first be aware of the events that can unfold on the various maps.

New to Battlefield 4 is the concept of Levolution. Powered by Frostbite 3, maps in Battlefield 4 will undergo dynamic changes based on player actions. Each map in multiplayer has a unique, map-changing event that will not only alter the landscape of the map, but force you to change your tactical approach as well.

So to help you prepare, we've gone ahead and detailed all of the Levolution events in Battlefield 4:

Flood Zone

Using C4, grenades, rockets, or any other explosive device, you can blow open a levee holding back a large body of water. Just make sure to place the explosives or aim the rockets at the large crack in the structure.

By breaking the levee, the streets will flood allowing the use of amphibious vehicles. This will also open up new routes while closing others. A battle pickup will also become unavailable.

Golmud Railway

A capture point placed on the train moves closer to the spawn point of the team that has captured that objective. The train also carries mounted weapons.

IED's placed throughout the map can cause massive damage and leave huge craters on the map.

Hainan Resort

Setting oil spills ablaze with exploses will cause the left and right wings of the central hotel to burn down, causing certian areas to become inaccessible. As a result of the black smoke, visibility is also reduced.

Zavod 311

There's a timer within the central building that can be toggled. If it reaches zero, a large warhead will explode and the smokestack above will fall to the ground. Players who enter the area can take damage with radiation poisoning and vehicles will not work in the affected area.

Operation Locker

Throughout the match, the snowstorm on the outside will intensify and calm. At more intense moments, it will reduce visability.

Players can lock enemies within the prison gates and destroy a tower with explosives that will ultimately kill the trapped soldiers. Destroying the tower will also destroy the weaponry inside of it. As expected, the crumbling tower will also slightly alter the map layout.

Players also have the option to close and open prison gates, altering routes.


Like the name suggests, the map begins dark and turns lighter as the sun rises.

In terms of landscape altering, you can maximize pressure in the gas pipelines that runa long the central avenue. Operating two valves located beneath the street will cause them to explode, destorying and collapsing the bridge above. This will affect vehicle usage and provide more cover for ground troops.

Lancing Dam

Fire rockets and other explosives at the large crack to break the dam. This will send large pieces of debris crashing to the ground. Visibility will also be reduced as a result of the electricity being shut off.

Paracel Storm

A wind turbine can be destroyed after it is struck by lightning from the oncoming storm. This will cause a large U.S. destroyer ship to crash ashore, altering the landscape and allowing access to the ship's AA guns. As the storm gains strength, it will reduce visibility and result in larger waves in the water.

Rogue Transmission

Destroying the cables that support the large radio telescope receiver will cause it to crash below into the dish. This will alter the playable area underneath and cause a vehicle to no longer spawn in that area.

Seige of Shanghai

Destroy the support strctures of the giant central skyscraper to send it crashing down. The debris will reduce visibility and alter the surrounding area. The elevation of a capture point will change.

You can raise and lower the bollards on the bridges. If the bollards are raised, vehicles will be unable to cross the bridge.

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