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Batman: Arkham Origins Cheats: Multiplayer tips for playing as Batman and Robin

Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer

Batman: Arkham Origins introduces multiplayer gameplay for the first time in the Batman: Arkham franchise. In the Gangland multiplayer, two sets of teams with three players each square off against each other as they fight for Control Points around Gotham.

In the mode, a third team of two players control our heroes, Batman and Robin. Using a mix of Predator mode and straight-up combat, Batman and Robin must takedown the Gangs in order to increase the Intimidation meter and win. Below are a few tips and strategies that will help the heroes fill their Intimidation meter more quickly:

Overall Strategy

  • Vary your takedown methods. The more various your methods, the faster Intimidation builds. Don't keep using the same tactic over and over again.
  • Taking out Bane or The Joke will increase your Intimidation the most.
  • Try not to die as this will lose Intimidation.
  • Be patient. The Thug Elites can kill you fast. Concentrate on stragglers.
  • Alfred will point out Gang Captains to you. Tkae them down for bonus Intimidation.
  • Melee should be a last resort, stick to Takedowns wherever possible.
  • Try to spend more time above or below your prey instead.
  • Don't forget your gadgets.
  • Use Explosive Gel to set ambushes for Elites by Ammo Crates or Super-Villain entry doors.
  • Don't go toe-to-toe with Super-Villains. Use your Takedowns instead.
  • Plant a Scrambler to neutralize Control Points (since you can't capture them). This will slow the winning Gang's progress
  • Try to prolong the game. The longer the game, the easier it is for Heroes to win.
  • If one Gang is close to winning, concentrate on the losing Gang to deny the other one victory.
  • Melee attacks do not work on Bane or Joker. Only Takedowns are effective.
  • Use your gadgets to split up Gangs that stick together and then pick off the stragglers.
  • When running, you can perform slide attacks and flying kicks to knock down Elites

Playing as Batman

  • Batman's Cluster Batarang can knock over multiple Elites, but takes a moment to lock on.
  • Batman's Explosive Batarang has a delay after planting, but can knock out multiple Elites.

Playing as Robin

  • Robin's Zip Kick let's him quickly close with and knock down Elites, even at medium range.
  • Robin's Bullet Shield lets him close with Elites even under fire, setting him up for a Shield Bash.
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