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Batman: Arkham Origins Cheats: How to beat Deathstroke


Deathstroke is one of the first bosses you face in Batman: Arkham Origins. As such, you'd think he'd be one of the easier assassins you'll face. Unfortunately, quite the opposite is true as Deathstroke presents one of the toughest challenges you'll face when playing through the game. For that reason, we've put together a brief strategy guide to help you defeat Deathstroke.


Do not try to straight-up attack Deathstroke. Doing so will result in a one-sided beatdown. Instead, wait patiently for Deathstroke to attack you. You'll see the Counter icon appear at which point you'll need to successfuly counter his attack. Upon defending with a successful counter, you'll be able to land one or two quick strikes on Deathstroke. This will result in minimal damage so you'll have to repeat the action quite a bit before it gets to a QTE which requires you to rapidly counter until Batman turns the tables, allowing you to spam your attack.

This will deal the most amount of damage and send you into the second part of fight against the now maskless Deathstroke.

More countering!

This next phase is more of the same. Deathstroke, now maskless, will still attack you and you'll still be forced to counter attack to do any type of damage. This time, though, he'll occasionally shoot a grapple at you that sends a barrel towards you. If you successfuly time your counter you can knock the barrel towards him and do damage.

Again, keep countering until you get to the next major damage-dealing QTE.

Final stage

In the final stage, Deathstroke will pull out his sword. Simply use the same countering strategy and you should be able to wear him down.

Remember: Patience

The key to this fight is patience. Wait for the indicator to let you know when to counter. Don't press it too early or Deathstroke will counter your attack and deal a tremendous amount of damage to you. The game will let you know if you've countered to early. It's an extremely long fight that you unfortunately just have to grind through. Just remember to be patient and wait for the opportune momen

Bat Claw

There's some sites reporting that the Bat Claw serves as an alternative to counterting. Upon grappling and pulling Deathstroke towards you, it should stun him long enough to get a few quick hits in. While this has resulted in some success for me, I did find that he would occasionally counter the attack. Use it at your own discretion.

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