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Batman: Arkham Origins Cheats: Anarky Tags Location Guide

Batman: Arkham Origins Anarky tags

Hidden throughout the streets of Gotham City are several tags that Anarky uses to communicate with his men for a plot to rid Gotham of its corruption. Anarky Tags provide a fun little side-quest scavenger hunt that tempt you with exploring the nooks and crannies of Gotham.

Invisible to the plain eye, you must be in "Detective Mode" to spot the various Anarky Tags hidden around the city. Be sure to keep this mode active when searching for them as they can be spotted from quite far away.

There are a total of 24 Anarky Tags spread throughout Gotham City with two achievements assocated with them. Discovering 20 Anarky Tags will unlock the Voice of the People achievement, while finding all 24 will unlock the First Riddle Trophy achievement.

Below is a video that provides you with the location of all 24 Anarky Tags. Below that is a written guide to each one:


Anarky Tag #1
Location: Head over to the northwestern-most corner of Coventry. The tag is located on a wall.

Anarky Tag #2
Location: Located in the southwestern-most part of the area, near the Trident Labs, it spotted just at the entrance a large tunnel opening in the lower parts of the town. There are enemies patrolling the roof above the tunnel.

Anarky Tag #3
Location: This tag can be found near the Cale-Anderson building in Coventry. There is a barred area in an alley. Look on the walls of the Cale-Anderson building to fine a large refrigeration machinery. Use detective mode to spot the Anarky Tag just under it.

Anarky Tag #4
Location: Located near the Lacey Towers, climb to the gargoyles on top of the tower and look down to find a few running large pipes. Glide yourself to the upper pipe, and follow it to the area where it connects to the tower. Activate Detective Mode to spot the tag.

Anarky Tag #5
Location: Located on the Wayne Enterprise building in the central area of Coventry, you should be able to spot the tag from the lower/mid portions of the Lacey Towers. It is located on the building below the W ENT neon sign.


Anarky Tag #6
Location: Located in Burnley on the GCPD New Enterprise City Precinct, it is on the southwester-most portion of the building, just next to the border. Climb up to the ledge in that region and activate Detective Mode to spot the tag.

Anarky Tag #7
Location: Located in Burnley, Hamilton Hill, there’s a narrow and deep region between the northern buildings. Jump down to the steel walkway and look to the wall on the right. Use Detective Mode to spot the tag,

Diamond District

Anarky Tag #8
Location: Head to the Gotham City Royal Hotel in the southeastern-most part of Diamond District. Go to the southeastern most part of the building (according to the map) and you should spot the Anarky Tag on the wall in the corner there.

Anarky Tag #9
Location: On the Gotham City News department, located in the center of the map. Jump down from the building to a ledge just above ground. There is a destructible wall, and to its left is the Anarky Tag.

Anarky Tag #10
Location: On the Gotham City Cinema in Diamond District.

Anarky Tag #11
Location: On the Gotham City Daily building, west of the Cinema. There is a small staircase located in the corner on the ground, just before a set of enemies. You can find the tag at the end of the stairs.

Anarky Tag #12
Location: On the Soder Cola building.

Anarky Tag #13
Location: On the Furniture Company’s building.

Industrial District

Anarky Tag #14
Location: Located in the Industrial District, near the western portions of the Sionis Steel Mill. On the ground, south of the western building of the Steel Mill, search for a fenced alley. Jump over the steel fence, and you should see the tag.

Anarky Tag #15
Location: On top of the Amertek Industries, there is a large chiller-like container with the Anarky Tag on it.

Sheldon Park

Anarky Tag #16
Location: Located on the Wonder Tower in Sheldon Park. The tag is on the balcony area on the lower portion of the Wonder Tower.

Anarky Tag #17
Location: On the Gotham City Light and Power building in Sheldon Park, right at the lower narrow protrusion of the area in the map.

The Bowery

Anarky Tag #18
Location: On the Gotham City Merchant’s Bank, the tag is found on the central rooftop of the bank, near some steel fences.

Anarky Tag #19
Location: On the Carmine Hotel in The Bowery, the tag is on the lower part of the northern-most side of the building, near the shore. It is behind a pile of trash bags.

Park Row

Anarky Tag #20
Location: On the Ace Chemical building. Jump down from the building and look at the lower regions to find the tag.

Anarky Tag #21
Location: On the Monarch Theater in Park Row. It is on the southern-most part of the building.

Anarky Tag #22
Location: On the Solomon Wayne Courthouse. On the ground, there’s a pack of enemies with baseball bats and other weapons. Ahead of them is a narrow path under the building. Go to it, and jump over the pipes. Look to the left next to the pillar.

Amusement Mile

Anarky Tag #23
Location: Near the Gotham City Casino. The tag is to the left of the entrance to the casino is a large barred area. Look up underneath to find see the tag.

Anarky Tag #24
Location: Located in the Dixon Docks. There is a small alley-like gap on the northeastern portion of the Dock building. Head there, and towards the end wall you should see the final Anarky tag.

Congratulations. You've found all 24 Anarky Tags in Batman: Arkham Origins.

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