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Backlash to Mass Effect 4 tease show just how pessimistic and negative gamers really are

Sad Shepard

BioWare gave gamers a tease into the future of the Mass Effect franchise. While concrete details weren’t spilled, it was enough to get fans excited about the future.

Well, most fans. Some aren’t too happy with what they saw.

Enter user “Amyas Leigh” and this comment:

“What? Wow, glad I sold my ME3 copy back to gamestop after what they did to it. Looks like they're running it into the ground even more -_-

RIP Mass Effect

oh wait, it can't rest in peace /sob”

Wait, they did release gameplay details? They introduced characters? They showed off environments and locations? They debuted a trailer?

Mass Effect 4 concept art

Oh wait. Just concept art teases; none of the other things I mentioned happened. Nothing was shown for people to have a concrete opinion on the future of the game. Yet here’s this internet commenter forming a concrete opinion on the game.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. Remember the reveal for Diablo III? How about the speculation that World of Warcraft would get a Pandaren themed expansion pack? Or the negative backlash over the fact that Super Mario 3D World wasn’t enough like Super Mario Galaxy?

Gamers are becoming more and more negative. They’re doing this with less and less information. Of course, by reading the comment by Amyas Leigh, I broke the number one rule of the internet: don’t read comments. Still, it’s troubling to find this growing opinion within gamers. Sometimes comments get too loud to ignore. They become less and less like words on the internet and more and more like market demands. The market demanded that the ending to Mass Effect 3 was changed. The market demanded compensation for the launch of every persistent online game.

It’s one thing to show your outrage with crappy policies, i.e. a game’s ending being DLC (Asura’s Wrath), developers putting in paywalls in order to pass a level (Candy Crush Saga), and the pay-to-win factor in a free-to-play game. It’s entirely separate thing to cry out the doom and gloom of a game that you haven’t played yet, never mind a game that has only shown off teases of concept art.

This is, sadly, but a microcosm of the growing pessimistic attitude in the gaming community. I wish it would stop. It really needs to stop. 

Mass Effect isn’t dead based off some concept art. Ugh.

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