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Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Cheats: Captain Edward upgrade recipes

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Captain Edward Kenway

Throughout Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag you'll be able to upgrade Captain Edward. Using a combination of Reales (check out our guide for infinite money) and animal resources, you can craft upgrades in the "menu" of the game. Below is a complete list of upgrades available to Captain Edward, including their resource requirements and description of what each upgrade provides:

Upgrade Recipe Description
Berserk Dart Bone x1 Darts +1
Berserk Dart I Bull Shark Skin x2 +20 Seconds Effect
Berserk Dart I Capuchin Monkey Pelt x2 +20 Seconds Effect
Dart Pouch I Howler Monkey Skin x2 Blow and Sleep Darts +5
Dart Pouch II Killer Whale Skin x2 Blow and Sleep Darts +5
Feline Pelt Outfit Ocelot Pelt x1, Jaguar Pelt x1 None
Health Upgrade I Iguana Leather x2 Health +25%
Health Upgrade II Deer Hide x2 Health +25%
Health Upgrade III Jaguar Pelt x2 Health +25%
Health Upgrade IV Great White Shark Bone x2 Health +25%
Hunter Outfit Red Howler Monkey Skin x1, White Jaguar Pelt x1 Lower Animal Detection for Hunting
Pistol Holster II Ocelot Pelt x2 Extra Pistol
Pistol Holster III Humpback Whale Skin x2 Extra Pistol
Pistol Holster IV Crocodile Leather x2 Extra Pistol
Pistol Ammo Pouch I Wild Pig Hide x2 Ammo +10
Pistol Ammo Pouch II Hammerhead Shark Bone x2 Ammo +10
Rope Dart Bone x1 Darts +1
Rope Dart Pouch I Rabbit Pelt x2 Rope Darts +5
Rope Dart Pouch II Black Jaguar Pelt x2 Rope Darts +5
Sleep Dart Bone x1 Darts +1
Sleep Dart I Black Jaguar Pelt x2 +20 Seconds Effect
Sleep Dart II Great White Shark Bone x2
Smoke Bomb Pouch I Hutia Hide x2 Bombs +2
Smoke Bomb Pouch II Rabbit Pelt x2 Bombs +2
Shark-Hunter Outfit Bull Shark Skin x1, Hammerhead Shark Bone x1 None
Whaler Outfit White Whale Skin x3 None

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