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Arrowhead Game Studios Announce Magicka Vietnam


When Magicka came out earlier this year, gamers were seduced by the deep magic system hidden underneath what initially looked like a magic-based rip-off of Diablo. Spend any time with it, and you'll learn that behind the constant clicking is a fun and humorous game with a cheap price tag. Developer Arrowhead Games Studios has plans for a number of expansions, and at GDC they announced their very first one: Magicka Vietnam.

Yeah, you read that right. Magicka is going to Vietnam for this paid expansion, and along with it our wizards are getting new outfits, new spells, and a whole new aesthetic change. The developers at first felt that this lampooning of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Black Ops would be way out there, but after the wild success of the game, they figured, "Why not?" The trailer for the game shows our wizards flying into Vietnam on helicopters, decked out in fatigues, helmets and a staff flying an American flag. The new Vietcong goblins will be running around in new outfits, as well, and they'll fight with AK-47s while the wizards throw grenades, pick up guns, use flamethrowers, or summon a napalm strike. It's so incredibly bizarre and played so straight that a solid sense of deadpan is necessary to get the most enjoyment from the title.

While that alone is a big deal, this isn't the last we'll see of humorous takes on Magicka. I was shown a list of potential expansions for the franchise, and while my lips are sealed as far as specifics, there are a lot of plans for the franchise. Console ports are still under development, and a retail build of the game is not out of the question. Keep an eye out for Magicka Vietnam sometime next month.

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