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Apps we'd like to see on the Xbox One

Apps we'd like to see on the Xbox One

The number of apps available on the Xbox One continues to grow. Here are some we'd like to see added to the system in the future. It should be noted that, as far as we know, these apps haven't been announced for the system just yet. HBO Go is still coming, but the sooner the better.


This one honestly feels like a bit of a pipe dream. After all, why would Microsoft support the release of an app that competes against Xbox Music? Still, it sure would be nice to natively play music from my Spotify playlists through my Xbox One console. Thankfully, I"m lucky enough that my desktop PC is about five feet from my console, meaning I can just stream music through the PC and still listen to it in quality that surpasses that of my phone. Everyone isn't as lucky, thoug

Come on, Microsoft. You're letting iHeartRadio onto the marketplace. Make it happen!


This one is a bit of a pipe dream, too, but consider this: DirecTV's exclusive contract to broadcast NFL Sunday Ticket ends in 2014. That's this year, in case you forgot. 

Could you imagine a future where we see NFL Sunday Ticket on the Xbox One? The NFL and Microsoft are already buddies; remember this commercial? I know that the "traditional gaming" crowd won't be too happy to see Microsoft pay upwards of $4 billion (that's what DirecTV paid for their currently contract) to air football, but it could be an excellent way to sell consoles. Want NFL Sunday Ticket but don't want DirecTV? Buy an Xbox One, and play some Halo while snapping Sunday Ticket.


The Xbox One is getting a Twitter app, but not a Facebook app. Sure, you can always browse Facebook through the Internet Explorer app, but it's easy to just say "Xbox, snap Facebook." Plus, there's that whole stigma with using Internet Explorer I can't seem to shake. 

But seriously, how else will we stalk our friends while playing games? How else will we see pictures of people buying the latest and greatest games as we're already playing them?


Isn't it a bit odd that the console designed as an all-in-one multimedia device doesn't have an app that allows people to watch episodes of The Walking Dead and Mad Men? Yeah, it does, especially since the AMC app allows for viewer interaction during shows, something that would work quite well in the Xbox One's snap mode.

By the way, if you haven't figured it out by now, I really like the Xbox One's snap mode.


It better have a one-hour pass for the ball pit.

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