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Anarchy Reigns Video Walkthrough: MAIN Mission Target Sighted

This mission allows us to select between Jack and Big Bull as a playable character. While Jack would be a natural choice since we're used to his movesets by now, Big Bull is definitely the clear choice here. The reason is simply his movesets can deal with these particular enemies much quicker than Jack's.

The Drones that you'll be facing here are quite armored, but go down with only a few hits from Bull's Jet Hammer. Like Jack's chainsaw, he can also combo the Hammer up to four times with a weak attack or twice with a heavy attack.

The biggest problem here is that these enemies are all long range thanks to their sniper rifles, so moving around the level is quite necessary to dodge their gunfire. However two hits with Bull's Jet Hammer usually do the trick of dispatching them. Better yet, if you can hit multiple at a time, that will make clearing the level much less frustrating.

The level will introduce shielded drones, flying drones and laser drones. All of these are quite a pain to deal with. Shielded drones require more hits to break through the shields, flying drones require you to jump and attack them to bring them down to the ground and laser drones will unleash a devastating laser attack if not dealt with quickly.

With Big Bull however, getting that Platinum rank shouldn't be that hard.

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