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Anarchy Reigns Video Walkthrough: FREE Mission The Killseekers

In this FREE mission, we're tasked to dispose of 50 goons in an allotted five minute period. The faster you clear it, the better your ranking.

The key here is to utilize Jack's chainsaw in the most opportune times. Letting enemies group up together will allow you to dispose of them in one or two swift strikes of the chainsaw. That alone can cut down an otherwise 20 second ordeal into about two seconds tops.

It's also important to take note of all the enemies as well. The first set of enemies can be taken down with a single strike. The fire throwing enemies are just as easy to take down except they now have a longer range attack. The Flamethrower enemies aren't as deadly as they look, and go down with a few well timed hits as well. Their container will start flashing signifying they're ready to explode, in which case it's smart to detonate them near other enemies as well.

One thing to remember is to not utilize Jack's Rampage power up until the last enemy. This powerful mutant can take quite a few hits, however with Jack's Rampage, you'll have unlimited use of his chainsaw, making this enemy an easy kill.

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