Anarchy Reigns Video Walkthrough: FREE Mission Gunfight

This mission is probably one of my least favorites as it requires you to stop relying on your fists, and rather focus on killing enemies with a sniper rifle. Why this is less than ideal is that the game becomes far too clunky.

We're also quite used to snap-aiming on consoles, which is something that Anarchy Reigns doesn't do at all, which means you'll have to free-aim the entire mission. Really though, it's not that hard, and once you realize you don't have to kill your enemies dead on (since the blast radius of your bullet is quite big) you'll see this mission is quite manageable.

The key here is to know when to shoot and when to move. When aiming with the gun, your mobility is very limited. You become really slow, making it easy for the enemy to target you and deal some pretty big damage. Run around while they take shots at you to avoid their bullets and after they stop, aim down your gun and take them out.

Map awareness is key in this mission, as your only task is to kill as many enemies as you can within the given amount of time. Obviously for those going for Platinum rank will want their kill count as high as possible. This is where the mini-map comes in handy. Always keep an eye on it to see where enemies are coming from, as you can prepare yourself to aim in their direction. Knowing where enemies are located on this map is key to getting the most amount of kills.

When you reach 30 seconds left, the area will start to get bombed. Don't be alarmed, just don't stay in one place. Move around and occasionally bring up your aim and take some soldiers out.

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