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Anarchy Reigns Video Walkthrough: FREE Mission A Chaser's Work

This is primarily an escort Mission. After saving the Bar Bot from being harassed by some goons, you'll be tasked to return him to the bar safely.

How this mission works is that in certain sections of the level, you'll get ambushed by a bunch of enemies that you'll have to kill in order to advance.

Like in the first mission, it's important here to once again wait until enemies group up together to take them down with one strike of your Chainsaw. The enemies are quite mixed up in here, as you'll face the same mutant from the mission before as your second encounter here. Don't fret though, he's still fairly easy to take down without the use of Rampage.

Speaking of Rampage, make sure that your gauge is almost full, if not completely full by the start of this level. That's one mistake I made in this video which actually cost me quite a chunk of health. The last enemy is an even stronger mutant with a lot of hit points. With Rampage, he's easily dealt with from a barrage of hits with your fists, however without Rampage, he can be quite the pain.

The important thing (which I also don't display here very well) is to dodge attacks. This will ensure you can avoid getting hit like I did by his attacks. Once he's disposed of, you've cleared the mission.

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