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Analyzing the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer reveal trailer

The new Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 2 multiplayer had a lot going on in the 2 minutes of actual gameplay that we saw. While some of the new perks and abilities looked really cool, I did see a few things that I was not so fond of. So without further ado, I'm going to give my personal thoughts on what I thought was done well, what I'm excited for, and also what bothered me a bit about it.

The Good

The Call of Duty franchise continues to be in good hands with the team over at Treyarch. The graphics looked better than past entries and the excellent 60 frames per second gameplay is still intact for the game.

The First new weapon we see is an electrocuting knife. When thrown, it appears to stun enemies, much like the non-lethal grenades do in past games. This then leads to an easy double kill for the player that threw the knife, as the enemies are standing still and cant fight back.

The dolphin dive is back! Who didn’t love sprinting around and holding the crouch button, sending you flying down toward the ground?

Dragon FireI was impressed with the Dragon fire killstreak. This is little helicopter thing that flies around the map and destroys enemies with its machine gun fire. It looks like a version of the UAV in Ghost Recon Future Soldier, but a lot more lethal. You control it while it flies around and can fire at will on your targets. The only downside? It looks easy to kill.

Riot shields can now be planted in the ground. I was wondering why this feature wasn’t included in Modern Warfare 3, as it presents cover without sacrificing your primary weapon. You can now protect your backside if someone sneaks up on you, or if you’re worried about enemies behind you.

Another good-looking killstreak is the A.G.R. Mech. This looks like it was taken straight out of Modern Warfare 3, however, this version looks way more useful. It features 4 cannons for machine gun fire and missile attacks, which can turn the tide of a battle quickly.

The Bad

The first thing I didn’t like about the trailer was the gun that had a scope on it that could see through walls. While this might be good for spotting campers, it could lead to a very unbalanced game. It kind of looks like a better version of the heartbeat sensor, except this shows the player rather than a dot. There must be a way to counterbalance the scope or it could hurt people that play tactically.

See through wallsAnother new killstreak device is shown off which looks like it emits some sort of heat or radiation. This slows down the enemies in the tight corridor and lets the character kill them with ease. I’m all for killstreaks, but allowing free kills like that takes away any sort of “skill” from the game.

Quick firing shotguns unfortunately make their return. You can see this around the 1:35 minute mark in the video posted above. I’m not a big fan of shotguns in Call of Duty games because they always seem overpowered. In this clip, the guy gets off 3 shotgun blasts before the enemy can even react. I’m simply not a fan of that.

The bird-like explosives at the end of the video look more insane than the dog killstreaks from World at War and Black Ops 1. Hopefully these are very hard to get because there is a giant swarm of them and look tough to blow up. This has to be the highest ranked killstreak in the game.


I was very impressed with the footage I’ve seen for Black Ops 2. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a whole lot of gameplay but it will have to do for now. I personally can’t wait to play this game on November 13th.

What did you think of the Black Ops 2 trailer? What parts did you or didnt you like about it? Let me know in the comments below.

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