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Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs Walkthrough

GameZone brings you the walkthrough guide on Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Join in our journey into the depths of a castle and a mind as secrets and mysteries are uncovered all leading to one Hellish Machine...
The Guide is being updated until completion.


Table of Contents

Grand Hall
On Bears and Bathtubs
A Curious Discovery
The Descent Continues
Continued on Page 2...
Maintenance Access
The Centrifuge
A Heady Brew
The Flooded Tunnels
Mandus, postdiluvian
A Nest of Wretches
The Pump Rooms
Valves and Pipes
Finding the Children
The Heart of the Machine
A Final Act of Sabotage
Mandus is the Saboteur!
Escape thru the Pipes
Steam Vents
The Pressure Regulator
Into the Pipes and out of the Engines
London's Burning, London's Burning
Streets and Alleys
Compound X and the Coolant Tanks
Coolant Pumps
The Path to the Tripery
In My Dream I walk with My Children
Mandus is Alone...



Fever Dream

"Daddy! Daddy!"
Look on the table to the left to find your first note.
June 24th 1899
Exit this room and you'll hear -
"Daddy, Daddy find us..."
If you move into the room to the right, you'll have an old memory come back -
"I held your hand and watched the blood pool between your legs.
You lived long enough to see Edwin but not Enoch.
I will take care of them my love, I promise you this".
Go straight across to the room you see to the left side and you'll come into the bathroom. As you near the bathtub, your senses dim and you hear the ghastly laughter of a happy little girl. When you go thru the door to the right of the bathroom, you'll come to some steps leading upwards and you'll hear the child say -
"Papa, Papa this way" - 
as the nearest light flickers to it's death and a ball moves ahead of you. Ahead, as you come out of this narrow passgeway, you hear a door lock clicking to your right.
You also hear some distant knocking and if you try to open the nearest door - you hear a ghostly gasp and you see that the door is locked. The next door to your right is open and if you go in, you'll have a sudden shiver up your spine even though the room is empty. Continue forward and obviously the door ahead is locked, pull down the ladder to the attic above and as you walk up, you'll hear...
"There's a bad man coming"
You hear the music from some toy and footsteps once you are up there. Look to the right now to find your lantern - your best friend in the game. Take it and important note - the lantern will make your surroundings more visible to you and your enemies also - they'll know where you are if you use it at the wrong time, so be very careful. 
Now move to the left of this place from where you entered it and you'll see a small square entry to to a small play space and you'll find a note in here.
Edwin and Enoch's Diary October 11th, 1899
With the lantern, you can look into the room ahead thru the space between the wood bars and you'll see two empty cradles swinging constantly. Move to the right and go into the next place and look to the left and you'll come to a crate. Hold left click and use the movement keys to move the crate and go past it and you should see a small opening to the left below. Crouch with C and move into the opening, you can switch on your lantern now. Move in and you'll hear...
"We're hiding Daddy"
As you move ahead, you also see a little girl in a red dress running away from you. You'll be blocked by a crate, move it to the right and go ahead and you'll come out of this crawl space to the other side.
In the room to the left - you'll see that it's the kids room and you'll have more than one creepy noise moments inside when you examine the cradles, you will hear crying. After you enjoy this room enough, come out move into the next room to the left and you'll come into a bedroom. Here, go to the corner to where the study table is and open the second drawer on the left and take the note.
February 14th 1899
Out this room, move to the place across and go down the steps...
As you descend, you'll hear some music start. Once on the bottom of the stairs if you move a bit ahead, you'll see a wooden device looking like a Phonogram - They are scattered thru the game and they all have recordings so make sure you listen to them.
Recording 1
You don't mind if I record this, do you? I find it most useful.
Ah, you have one of those wonderful de Martinville's? No, of course not, my 
dear fellow.
It's my own design, Professor, along with everything you see.
Move ahead and as you near the piano you'll feel an earthquake - or was it... if you had your headphones on when you listen to the quake you'll nearly have a heart attack - the first of many to come infact!

Go thru the door ahead and you'll come into another study room where a phone is ringing and you get a new entry in your Journal - The Weeping Rooms.

The Weeping Rooms

When you read the journal entry, it suggests clues of a hidden entrace behind a painting and also mentions weapons. Now, answer the phone first -
Precious eagle cactus fruit... help us."
Then look into the first drawer of the table to find a note -
November 7th 1898
Now to the left of the table are three rifles on the wall, interact with the left mouse button with the lowest rifle and push it upwards -
You'll hear something, go ahead and look to the left of the room now to the left of the small coffee table where you saw a painting and you'll see an opening now -
Go thru and you'll come to a small lever to the right below the first window you see -
This will open or close the secret entrance you took into here. Move ahead to the left and you'll come on the other side of the room you were just inside where you spoke on the phone - you now see that all the paintings in this house are actually see-through from the other side and beside this glass is a note - 
Clockwork and the Soul
Move ahead, you'll come to a glass showing the bathroom you were in. To the right of this glass is a small picture of a woman sleeping in the bath. Ahead, you'll come to a lever in the wall to the left -
Crouch and push it up and the door opens ahead, go thru. Go to the right and the whole palce vibrates, you'll come to a glowing door - only awy thru is thru it so go ahead.
Load Screen:
In Lily's Honour, a Banquet
Lillibeth "Lily" Mandus, Interred here on 26th September 1890. The angles
weep you to the glory, your teeth sold for the dollies of the poor.
Once you come to the next area, move ahead and you'll see you can go left or straight - both lead to the same place but go straight anyway and look to the right on a small table you come to for a note by the lamp -
Edwin and Enoch's diary, October 3rd 1899

Move ahead and keep going till you reach the top of the steps going down into the great hall, then you hear another horrific screech of what seems like a machine trying to start. You also get a new Journal Entry - Grand Hall.

Grand hall

As you go down the steps -
First to the area on the right then, on the billiards table, listen to the recording...
Recording 2
I do understand. What you have been through... a lesser man would have crumbled Yet you have made all of this. Your great factory, your charities. It is a wonder, For one man alone...
It will all be made clear Professor, But first, a drink?
Thru this room, you can see two doors - the right door is partially open and the left door is closed but you can open it anyway. First, head thru the right door. You'll come into a narrow corridor, now move ahead to hear the phone ring
It's the same guy, he wants you to help him restore the engines and stop the flooding and he'll help you get to your children. Okay, opposite to the phone is a door - go thru - it leads outside but your path is blocked by a metal grill - remember this place because this is where we need to come back later.
Now go back to the Billiards room and thru the other door. Move ahead, the first door to your right can be opened and it leads outside but ignore this for now and move past it and on a table to the right is a note -
December 29th 1899
To door straight ahead is locked, ignore it and go to the door to the right - Open the door ahead and go thru it - you'll come into another bathroom. To the right of the tub is a painting which can be interacted with - open the painting and you'll find a lever, pull the lever down and the bathtub turns and reveals a secret passage.

You also get a new journal entry - On Bears and Bathtubs

On Bears and Bathtubs

Go thru the secret door which just opened and keep going, the whole floor is covered with suspiciously red liquid. Keep going and you'll come to a valve - hold it and turn it clockwise and you hear some light come on -
Go back to the bathroom now. Now pay attention, first as you step out of the bathroom, the lights start flickering - this happens when an evil entity is near. Move ahead and look to the left and you should see something running away to the other side - also the room to the right now, which was locked earlier is open. Go into the room.
"Hands are bleeding, raw. I scrub and scrub but the smell with not lift. 
How can I hold my children with these hands now? How can I kiss them goodnight with lips that have issued such instruction?"
Go to the dressing table behind the bed and open the right side drawer and you'll find a note -
Old Sallie i' the Doll's Cottager
Now if I did not know better I'd say you just saw Sally run away. But she's won't be a hinderance yet. So, go out of this room and move to the door which leads outside - this is to the left as you move along the corridor where you just saw Sallie. So open the door and you come outside, go along to the other side and thru the door there. You come into a trophy room. In this room, go to the trophy of the bear to the right and notice that you can move it to the right wall and it will reveal another secret passage -
Go thru the passage and you'll end up near a valve again -
Turn it clockwise and go back outside - you can see that more power just came on. Once you are back in the trophy room, proceed to head out the open way to the left and you'll come to the large dinner table, enter the area and you'll hear some woman being butchered or a woman shouting when something is being butchred.
Move straight across to the other end and to the left of the piano on the music note stand is another note -
Dieses Herz
Now Dieses Herz is German for - This Heart.
Anyway, in this Dinner room - if you see leads back to the grand hall steps, but to the left of the large dinner table is a door which leads you back into the room where you spoke on the telephone earlier. Now, go there and open the door leading outside. Now as you move ahead, you will see that the grill which was blocking you earlier is now moved and instead - the whole place seems to have shifted - anyway, move ahead to the door and go thru it.

You will come onto a metal catwalk and the path leads to the left, right and straight. The left and right just take you back to the valves you turned earlier so go stright ahead and you'll get a new entry - A Curious Discovery.


A Curious Discovery

The load screen mentions a very curious thing - about planting fingernail and growing hands -- and that all the world's an egg.
Open the next door you come to and go thru. You'll be out in the open again. Here' you'll find steps going down to a door and when you are on the steps -
"Come and see Papa, We've found and egg, a stone egg!"
Go thru and you'll be going down a staircase when the ceiling collapses and you fall down a few feet on the ground - it's just that you are stuck now and can't go back. After you wake up, look at the right corner of the room and you'll see a note on a barrel -
June 3rd 1899

Anyway, go to the door here and open it. The moment you step into the next area the light start flickering - this always happens when you are really close to an evil embodiment. And, you also get a new Journal Entry - Trapped.


"Come on slowcoach, it's this way!"
Move ahead and you'll come to another phone which is ringing, answer it -
"The shaking ground you feel is our attempt to clear the floodwaters. Treachery
Mandus, we were undone. Your children are trapped by this act, you msut find 
them before it is too late.
What do you need me to do? How can I find them?
Always deepedr Mandus. Through the piston room and into the tunnels, then find the bilge and flush the rotten water. I will help you where I can, but you must be swift, my little friend."
After the call, move ahead thru the next door. The whole place quakes again. Keep going and you will come to a small machine with a lever but the fuse is apparently broken -

Try to push the lever but it wont work!!!

The Saboteur has been this way

To the right here is a door - go thru it and go to the end and you'll get a wheel to turn clockwise so that you can see a wood frame incline onto the ground in the area ahead.
You will also find a new fuse on one of the box crates -
Go back to the machine, repalce the old with the new one and push the lever to switch it on. The door to the left of the machine is bocked from the other side
So the only way to go is backwards and you should notice that a particulat grill which was blocking your path onto some steps is now open -
Go down the steps all the way and you will come to another of the blocking grills. You will have to open this too and when you get near the grill -
"Bandaged feet and eyes, Small bones in the orchard.
I ahve carried this world on my back, with it's legs about me.
Damn this wretched soul, I am given birth to nothing but machinery"

Move to the left of this palce and you will see you have come to the place where you had lowered a wodden frame by turning a wheel earlier - anyway, crouch and climb up one of the beams of this frame going up. Once you are up you will have come to another machine like earlier but without the broken fuse so you can jsut push the lever here and go back to the locked grate earlier which awaits you open... Go thru the now opened grate and you will soone come to another machine which is again with a broken fuse...

More electrical sabotage

Now, go right here and you will come to a door and go thru it. In this place move behing the barrels as you enter straight ahead and you will find a fuse behind these barrels -
Anyway, bring it out but before you go back to the broke machine, move down in the room here and before you go thru the door here, pick up the note you come across on one of the crates -
August 19th 1899
Once you move out of this room thru the door here, you will witness flickering lights and some shadow move away. Go back to the broke machine eventually and place the working fuse and push the lever. Now go thru the next opened grate and you will hear -
"Follow us papa, we know the way."
Move ahead and you should come to steps going down -
Go down and you will come to some broke pipes and all -
"Hold still, for god's sake hold still child, don't let it get into your eyes!
I'm going to rinse it out now... there.
It will be fine, you just need to lie down. Enoch, look at your brother! How 
many times have I told you not to play in the cellar!"
Now, go thru this area and keep going from the right thru the only way possible and you will come to a place with a phonogram, lever to open some large blast doors -
Hear out the Phonogram first -
"Extraordinary, quite extraordinary. Any you built it all. Good God man, you have been busy.
It is wonderful how tragedy focuses the mind. What else was I to do? Fall into grief, pine and fade in my hopelessness, Why not then simple die in that jungle amongst those dead temples."
Turn the wheen here counterclock-wise and the blast door opens.  Go in and you will come to the center of this chamber with two wheels and two levers. Stand in the middle of them. First push the lever on the machine like the one you had come across earlier -
Then turn the left side wheel to close the door you came thru. Now pull the other lever ahead of you and then turn the right side wheel to open the next blast door. Again, look to the first lever and pull it and go thru the now open path ahead.
Go into the room ahead - there is nothing in this room just go thru the door to the next area.
Loading Screen...
The Collar, The Neck, The Noose
Two cups of flour, one cup of water, a pinch of salt, a handful of mince, a bay
leaf, a herb, a skeleton key for the nursery and a-mixing we'll go together.


The Factory Offices

First, answer the call on the phone -
"I have such visions to share with thee if my jwa be unshackled and you harvest
the crust from my eyes.
Make me claen Mandus, that my thoughts and words can unfouled be."
Open the second drawer of the study table her for a note -
May 1st 1899
Go thru into the next room and open the bottom most drawer of the desk here to find another note -
August 22nd 1899
Now, open the first drawer to find something monstrous... go thru the door here and you'll coem to two more doors - left and right. The right door leads into a toilet but there's nothing there. Go thru the other door to the left and you'll come out again. You will find another note here on a box to the right -
October 11th 1899
Go thru the door ahead and you'll come to some steps going down. The door on top here is not openable so go down the steps for now and move to the center of the room where you see the two large doors and the "Truck Fuelling Station" to the right -

There's a door behind here but you will need to come back to the station eventually. Go thru the door here behind this station...

The Pumping Station

Move thru the door here below and you will come to two more doors - the door straight ahead leads into a storeroom with a note on a barrel -
September 28th 1899
Go back thru the other door and you come into a narrow long room - move to the end of this room and you will come to a window to the right in the end -
Climb up the boxes here and crouch on top and go thru the window there and once you are out move left and you will be on the other side of the large doors at the Pumping Station. But the doors are blocked by a large crate. Pull the crate out of the way and pull out the doors but you don't have anything to fill the fuel with so go back and keep going across the window you came out of.

You will soon come to a large truck and your journal is updated...

Holy Orders

You can find a note on the step of the truck -
Delivery Schedule
Now, this truck is blocking the entrance to a chruch yard and the church here. Anyway, move ahead -
"Come on Papa! Let's climb thie one. I can see more pictures at the top!"
Move ahead and you will reach another set of big wooden doors which can be opened to the left. Go the doors and once inside, look at the left wall which has a small box which looks like it an hold fuel -


A Strange Container

Take this box back all the way to the fuel station and place it below the pipe and turn the wheel - you will need to turn and turn again till all of the stuff in the glass ahead is fully drained - you will stop in the middle because of a quake but keep going at it till the whole box is full.

At this point when you stop turning because of a quake - you can look to the top right of this whole area and you will see the abomiantion which is after you running on top of the catwalk. For now, fill the rest of the box and go to the truck which was blocking the church entry.

A Fast Getaway!

Once near the truck place the box just above in the box place you see which is directly above the step which you took the note from earlier. Once the box is in palce. Move to the front of the truck and turn the wheel here and the truck will jerk backwars and you can now open the churchyard door and go thru it.
"This way Papa come and see! Will it hatch? Can we take it home?
Yes, my darlings. Of course we can take it home."
Here, move ahead and you will come to steps going down to a door to the left ahead -
Go thru the door....
Loading Screen...
Livestock and Bibles
Lily, dancing. Lily dancing on the table, her eyes aflame. This love burns into his leart. His heart scarred from the heat of this love, of his love dancing."

Inside St.Dunstan's

Move ahead and in the end you will come two three doors. Two lead up some steps and a third leads into a smaller room where you will find a note on the table -
November 23rd 1899
Use any of the doors to get up the steps you saw - both lead to the same place.
Once on top, move to the center of this corridor first and you will come to a memorial and a Phonograph on the bench -
"We require a new diety, one of steam and the wheel, of magnetism and progress.
The old God is nothig more than a lamed hog, spitting back offal at mankind."
Move to the left end of this area and go thru to come to two doors. The door to the left leads into a store room go thru and look in the left shelf to find a small candle attached to an iron handle -
Pick it up and move ahead thru any of the doors into the main cathedral. But before you go there, pick up the note on the box below the window-
Father Jeremiah's Journal, October 1st 1899
Go into the main cathedral and move aehad. All other doors here lead to this place itself. Move head and you will see a pig corpse hung on the cross and you need to take the candle handle behind the cross and place it in the empty place to the left of the other candle handle and turn them to face each other slanted -
Now, you will head somthing start, move to the left of the cross here into the room and you will find a lever, pull it to the right -


Infernal Machinery

Once the Lever is pulled, move out and you will see the whole cathedral shift and a new set of steps leading down to a door -600


A Hellish Portal

Now this next area is going to be very dark and very difficult to explore - infact here is nothing here to explore you just need to go thru this and come out the other side safe. So move ahead and keep going go up the steps and move along the place -
"Listen Papa - hold the egg to your ear, you can hear the sea!"
Move ahead and stick to the right side wall and you will come to a table with a note -
These Final Thoughts
There is really only one way thru this area - so just keep going, the large amount of cages and boxes may cause the illusion of more than one path but there is only a sinlge path so keep going ahead and in the end you will come to more steps going down -
As you go down the steps to the bottom, you will catch a glimpse of the hellish half-monster which is out for you. It moves away but you need to go thru the area it just went to aehad. So keep going ahead - it's best to start crouching in this area. Now this area might be a bit difficult to move thru but remember there is only one way ahead - if you are not going that way, then you are just back tracking and you will know and you can just get back onto the right path.
The monster is patrolling the area ahead - if by chace you are see and it takes you down, you will ned up in a cage but you can just open the door of the cage normally and start back to go thru the area - the trick here is to switch off your lantern. Crouch at all times and move from one light to the next - you will see candles placed ahead just move to the next source of the light and stick to the right wall - just stick to the wall and move aehad and you will be progressing perfectly.
Move to the lights and keep going - be careful not to venture too close to the creature - stick to the right wall and keep moving and in the end you will reach the door gong out of here.
Loading Screen...
And so to the Stoking
The workers sing as they work. They sing as they eat, they sing as they make toilet. They are always singing. If you place your ear to the ground you can hear them still.
You will finally have crossed the monster room... but that is not the last time you'll see him...
Once out, move along the wood steps and open the door you come to. You will come outside again and in this room you are in, you have another Fueling Station but it is empty. Move thru the door of this room to the outside world now.
Go to the right and you'll reach the entrance of the main factory -The Mandus Processing Company.

The Mandus Processing Company

Once inside, move ahead and on the table to the right is a Phonogram -
"These men, Professor, these so-called men of vision! They would shackle the masses to a wheel and turn it until their backs break.
All for that opiate, the lure of profit. These fools who lackey them, these priests, these officials, this... government. They make pigs of us all!
But what solution, my dear man, how to break a cycle. You cannot simply remove the promise of a better world for these unfortunates.
In the workhouses, in the orphanages, the belief in heaven is surely the only succor one can find!
We do not need to wait! We can bring forth paradise now! We can speed the passion! With only a small sacrifice we can hold the apocalypse."
Go down the steps here into the Piston Rooms. Go to the other side of the large pistons and you'll see a set of steps going up to the left and another set going down to the right of this place. First go up the steps and you'll hear the phone ring on the other side of the room again -
In the second drawer of the table here is a note -
October 17th 1899
Go back down to the Piston Rooms and go down the other steps and you'll come to the pistons.
Crouch thru the gap here and go ahead. You will come to Pistons, 1 and 2. Go to the right side piston which is number 2 and you will see the coal inside it. You can place another block of coal here into the piston or just shut the door and hit the green button to start the furnace.
Go ahead and you will come into the Piston Control Room. On the table to the left of one of the the furnace here is a note -
October 18th 1899

Anyway, take the coal present infront of Furnace 4 and put it inside Furnace 3 and close the door and hit the green button to light the furnace again. You will have see three levers here but ignore them for now. Move into the next door which has 5 and 6 written beside it.

Lily's Arms are Made of Steel, Lily's Arms are Silent

Take the coal near Furnace 5 into Furnace 6 and light up this one too and get back to the piston room. Go to the three levers you saw earlier and push all three all the way to the top position -
After that, the lights go out. Go back to the Furnace 5 and 6 room and now you will see a small gap on the other side of the room which was blocked earlier -
Go down the steps all the way and move to the right - the monster is in this area so best shut off your lantern now and crouch. Stick to the right side wall of this area or whatever is to the right and move ahead - always stay on the corner - you will eventually find your way ahead. Keep going from the right and you will cross a coal conveyor belt and move ahead - you need to move to the next source of light - simple!
Anyway, stick to the right and keep going all the way and when you reach the last set of lights above you which look like this -

Jump down into the coal below and you'll be able to move thru on top of the coal.

The Descent Continues

Fall down into the coal pit and move to the right first. Climb the steps and go to the right, on a box beside the map here is a note -
April 30th 1899
The door his is closed so go back down the steps and continue all the way to the other side and you will come to another set of steps leading to a similar door. Once there, you'll see that this door is locked too, to the left of the door though is a hatch for "Chemical Transportation" -
Open this hatch and climb in.
Loading Screen...
In the Nest of Eggs
It is cradled in his sweating hands, it sucks the fever loose from his body. He dreams of birds far above in the jungle canopy, a jaguar coughing at the dawn,

Once you stop moving, open the hatch and go out.


The phone on the right rings as soon as you come in here. Answer the phone.
"Quickly Mandus, find the entrance nearby. The children weep in the darkness and the floodwaters continue to rise."
Move ahead and you'll come to a room to the right and steps leading down. Go into the room to the right and examine the padlock on the metal gate here -

Continued on Page 2...

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