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Amazing Spider-Man video walkthough | How to beat the Undercity level

Why is this game not over yet!? The Lizard has escaped into the Undercity. Time to find him and finish this fight once and for all.

Amazing Spider-Man Video Walkthrough | Undercity

Ignore all the shiny pickups, it's time to finally beat The Amazing Spider-Man. Web sling your way to the top of the area where everyone is fighting, then endure a small battle against some thugs. Crawl through the vent to find the water drainage area, and start by pulling the valve beside you. After that, take the left pipe downwards and use web shot to stop the ventilation fans, taking care of the valves in the bottom right ground area, on the left side of the large drainage pipe, and in the top left near the ceiling. Then get inside the tube and take down the Piranna cross-species boss there. Keep draining the room to keep Piranna and his goons from submerging, then use your standard tricks to take them down. After this proceed forward until you find Gwen Stacey attempting to load up the Spider-Slayer with the antidote to cure connors. Keep smashing the goons giving her trouble, while using Web Rush whenever the Lizard appears. After three kicks to the face the Lizard will disapear further into the sewers. Time for the final boss battle!
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