Amazing Spider-Man video walkthough | How to beat Alistair Smythe

Alistair Smythe is rampaging through New York City, and Parker still doesn't have his powers! What will he do!?

Amazing Spider-Man Video Walkthrough | How to beat Alistair Smythe

The boss battle will start with The Lizard pushing you into the robot, where you'll find a bank of electric tubes. Mash on the action button to tear out Smythe's main power source and fry the nanobots suppressing Spidey's powers! Back on top of the giant Spider-Slayer, the surface will be covered in annoying little sentry bots. Take them out, then web rush over to the Lizard and help him open one of the bay doors, letting Spider get outside the force field and slam the power conduit on the big bot's back. Repeat this process for the other bay door, then Alistair will take to the skies in his personal mech suit. Gum up the suit using the web shot ability, while dodging Smythe's lasers. This will slow him down long enough to let you get behind him and use Web Rush. Repeat this three times and Spider-Man will put Smythe down for good!
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