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All the Grand Theft Auto V Hype, and That's What We Get?


So...that trailer happened. I have never had more or less emotion about something in my life. If you haven't heard, and who hasn't by now, Rockstar released the much-hyped trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. I'm guessing the “V” stands for “very much like what we've already played.” Don't get me wrong, I was impressed with the visuals, and the funk music in the trailer gave me the urge to snort a rock and give a hooker a black eye. It's just...ugh...that's what we're getting?

Maybe it's the media's fault. No—it's definitely the media's fault. IGN and every other site released so many rumors about a female protagonist, playing as Justin Bieber, etc. that expectations became lofty. I like the idea of a retired criminal trying to be an honest man and a father, but they could've done soooo much more! At this point, the Grand Theft Auto series has more middle-aged white male protagonists than the GOP.

Right now, the visuals and the car chases look great, but everything looks and feels like it's already been done. The music reminds me of Vice City, and the whole trailer made it feel too much like San Andreas. Why give us the same setting we've already played in?  In the trailer, the main character even says, "Why did I move here?"

Every GTA game has fun car chases, they all have the hookers leaning into car windows, they all have mayhem caused by you. Now, they share the same locale. Even as I'm writing this, every site is posting “Coolest things from the trailer!” Even my fellow employees at GameZone are dissecting the trailer and talking about how awesome it is. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Am I the only one that was hoping for more? Or at least something different than what Rockstar has already given us?

Maybe when more details come out about the combat, story, characters, and “new” features come out, I'll be more excited. Until then, I'll just chuckle at the landscapers being doused with insecticides. At least I chuckled in the trailer. That's already one more chuckle I had than all of GTA IV.



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