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Nowadays, it's pretty rare that your PC doesn't come with two display ports, but alas, they do exist. Or sometimes you'll find that you may want to add a third display to your two monitor setup. There is a nifty little gadget from Newer Technology called the USB 3.0 Video Display Adapter, which essentially adds another display port to your PC, via your USB port. SORCERY!

So what do you get with this gadget, and how does it work? The package itself comes only with the adapter box itself, a USB cable and an extra DVI to HDMI adapter, which is extra handy if you're dealing with older monitors that don't have HDMI inputs.

The only thing you'll need to do to get started is to head over to the official site and download the driver. Once that's done, it's as easy as plugging it all in and you're done.

Also, iMac users are absolutely able to take advantage of the USB display adapter. Since iMacs don't have a separate display port on the back, they can also download the separate Mac driver and utilize it the same way a PC does.

It works quite well, and does clone or extend your desktop. So what's the catch?

The USB display adapter actually isn't infallible. Games that require twitch reaction and split-second timing will be problematic. That's because there is a very slight delay. It's very tiny, but it's noticeable, especially in a game that requires precision plaforming for example. But that still leaves a whole slew of genres that will work just fine. Racing, Adventure and even Third Person Shooters will undoubtedly be playable.

At $89, the Newer Tech display adapter is a fairly inexpensive solution to adding another monitor to your setup. Though purists will most likely stay away due to the slight delay introduced.

*Disclosure: A unit was provided to us for coverage.

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