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8 Xbox 360 games we want through Xbox One's backwards compatibility

Is your favorite listed?

In November, Microsoft will unleash what the company is calling the Xbox One's biggest update to-date. While the "New Xbox One Experience" will bring "the fastest and most social Xbox experience ever," perhaps the most-welcomed feature is the arrival of Xbox 360 backwards compatibility. Currently in testing, the November update will make it so that all Xbox One owners can enjoy the available pool of Xbox 360 backwards compatible games.

With over 100 titles slated to arrive on Xbox One this fall via backwards compatibility, and hundreds more to follow in the months to come, below are eight games (some franchises) we'd like to see.

Lost Odyssey

Lost Odyssey
Kaim and his journey through his 1,000 years of life was an incredible game on Xbox 360. Originally released in 2008, the Kingdom of Gohtza is undergoing a magical revolution. The game uses both mortal and immortal characters that blends a great deal of strategy. Both types of characters can level up by equipping items with skills on them and taking parts in battles. Once enough of battles have taken place you will have learned that skill. Five members can fight at once but sometimes you have more than that in your party, causing you to switch members in and out.
It's possible to make your entire party essentially indestructible with magic and physical defense buffs as well. The storyline, which took place over multiple discs, is one that Mistwalker amassed a cult following for and have had Xbox 360 players clamoring for for a while now. Gongora and Kaim in full 1080P with the magical abilities used in the game would look outstanding on Xbox One. After all, Phil Spencer himself stated hwants to see the game on Xbox One as well. Here's to hoping. 
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