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8 ways video games are better than the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

sochi olympics toilet symbol

You've seen the pictures. You've read the Tweets. You've heard the complaints. Sochi is a mess. No matter how Putin tries to spin this -- actually, I'm not sure he's even spinning anything. I think he genuinely believes everything is going swimmingly. It's Russia, after all. These accommodations are 5-star resorts for Russia.

Anyways, the conditions for Olympians and media are just terrible. So bad that video games could've done a better job. Here's 10 ways video games are better than the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

1. Russia has anti-gay laws, while BioWare is trying to get more characters that are gay.

pussy riot snowboard olympics


kaidan shepard mass effect 3

2. In video games, there's only one toilet per stall.

duke nukem bathroom toilet

3. Also, sinks are installed properly and normal-looking water comes out.

deadpool sink

4. The snowboarding courses are much better in video games.

shaun white snowboarding

5. And Shaun White doesn't withdraw from events.

shaun white slopestyle withdraw

6. Mario and Sonic don't have to worry about terrorist threats.

sochi olympics security mario and sonic

7. We don't kill our stray dogs... okay, maybe we do...

resident evil dog

8. When we approach an unfinished building, we expect the worst. 

sochi olympics

sochi olympics


condemned criminal origins

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