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8 guest characters we want in Killer Instinct Season 3

Who's gonna party with Rash?

With the announcement of guest characters in Killer Instinct Season 3 this March, we were left wondering who else would make the jump into the franchise. Since Microsoft owns Rare and Killer Instinct now, remember these will be mainly Xbox exclusive characters. So, no comments on how we forgot Kratos or something because PlayStation-exclusive characters can't be included.  Let us know what you think at the end and who you would want in the game.



Joanna Dark - Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark and Perfect Dark Zero classic character and duel gun wielding, bad ass chick. She has everything you need. After all, her dad is both an ex-marine and ex-cop who now runs his own bail bonds.  Joanna has both up close melee attacks as well as ranged striked with her guns. After Rare and Microsoft threw Rash from Battletoads into season 3 of Killer Instinct, there is no reason we can't see some other classic characters from the Rare franchise as well. If it's been a while, be sure to catch up on both the original and sequel Perfect Dark Zero on Rare Replay.


Donkey Kong

I still have no clue why Donkey Kong Country wasn't included in Rare Replay (okay, maybe some contractual licensing issues), but now Microsoft has the chance to make up for it. Something about hardcore fighting and up close smashing that just has good ole' D.K. written all over it. Plus, there are a lot of options available for Donkey Kong. You have your roll attacks, jump strikes, barrel throws etc. Also, how cool would it be to see Donkey Kong end an Ultra combo with a barrel smash over the head or pulling out Diddy Kong for an assist? We'd also get an answer to the age old question, Who would win in a fight Donkey Kong or Rash? Ok, I just made that up but it would still be fun to see.

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