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7 ways Disney can fix Star Wars

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Everyone is writing their ideas for the new Star Wars trilogy. There’s rumors that it’ll pick up with a middle-aged Luke or that it will be an entirely original story. Regardless of what you think of Disney acquiring Star Wars, they’ve done well restoring Marvel and The Muppets to greatness. Right now, we have nothing but hope — hope that they can make Star Wars great again. Here are seven ways I think Disney can fix — and not further screw up — Star Wars.

Less CG/Real sets

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It’s not a secret that George Lucas went CG crazy with Episodes I through III. Entire scenes were nothing but CG. I struggle to think of scenes that were filmed in in real environments. Maybe when they’re on Tatooine? That’s not a good thing. Instead of filming on-location, Lucas would just computerize the environment? Say good bye to the use of puppets and practical effects, as well. The technology was there for Lucas to just hire a team of computer animators and say “to hell with puppets.”

With Disney now owning the property, I can see them taking Star Wars the Lone Ranger or Pirates of the Caribbean route. Sure, there will be CG for some characters, but these are films that are predominantly shot in real environments instead of a green screen set. Let’s get back to an authentic, natural feel.

New characters

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The rumors of Episode VII picking up with Luke Skywalker as a middle-aged man in his 30s or 40s worry me. Now don’t get me wrong, Mark Hamill is a very talented man, but I really don’t want to see him try to be a middle-aged Luke. He’s more like Grandpa Luke. What I’m trying to say is: he’s not in the best of shape. Even scarier than that is the thought of Carrie Fisher trying to be Princess Leia again. Little question just for fun: is it more likely that Harrison Ford reprise his role of Han Solo or Rick Deckard from Blade Runner?

There are also reports of Episode VII being an original story, which I think would be much better. Instead of seeing the sad state of characters we love — or even worse, having those characters be recast with new actors — it would be better to have a whole original story with a brand new cast of characters. If there’s going to be a new three or four films, why limit yourself to characters already established?

Let’s get a new cast of characters to bring in a new era of Star Wars. Someone out there has to have some good characters up their sleeve that would be perfect.

F**k Midi-chlorians

anakin skywalker midichlorians

Two things ruined Lucas’ new trilogy right off the bat for me: Jar Jar Binks and Midi-chlorians. Remember when the Force was this mystical thing? A universal and cosmic energy that surrounds us, penetrates us and binds the galaxy together? Well Lucas ruined that when he made the Force a measurable unit of chemical compounds able to be analyzed with a microscope.

What the f**k.

How do they fix it? Hell if I know. I think I’d just act like Episodes I through III never happened. But we can’t do that now, can we? Regardless, one of Disney’s primary goals should be to return the mystique, wonder and danger to the Force. It should be magical, not scientific. After all, in Episode IV, Ben Kenobi is referred to as a wizard.

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