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5 video game dads that sacrifice everything for their children

Darth Vader telling Luke "I am your father"

Entertainment -- whether it's TV, movies or video games -- is full of fathers who do anything they can for their children. Whether it's a helping hand to ensure their kid succeeds in their goal, be a mentor and offer wise and insightful advice, or perhaps commit the ultimate sacrifice to ensure their child's safety, you know that (most of the time) you can depend on them. Hey, even Vader loved Luke, just took a little bit of tough love to have that shine through.

In honor of upcoming Father's Day, here's a list of five fathers from video games that have sacrificed everything for the wellbeing of their children. Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Big Daddies

Big Daddy and Little Sister

Okay, so Big Daddies aren't literal dads to the Little Sisters, but they have all of the qualities of your typical, good father.

Big Daddies are conditioned to be very protective of their “daughters.” They're so protective that they kill to keep them safe. And like most father-daughter relationships, they share a special bond. Little sisters call the Big Daddies nicknames, like “Mr. Bubbles,” they sing gently to the hulking protectors, and when a Big Daddy dies, the Little Sister mourns like it lost its father.

Like most fathers, Big Daddies aren't very talkative; they resort to grunts and groans instead. Also in common with most fathers is a Big Daddy's love of power tools – drills specifically. So if you don't know what to get your Big Daddy for father's day, a gift card to Home Depot would be sufficient.  

Harry Mason

Harry Mason

The city of Silent Hill is nightmarish. So to endure the horrors that come with Silent Hill is quite a feat. Years after Harry Mason's wife dies, he and his seven-year-old daughter, Cheryl, take a vacation to Silent Hill. After a car accident, Cheryl goes missing, and Harry must venture through the mysterious town to find her.

After fighting off terrifying creatures, like Pyramid Head and puppet nurses, Harry leaves Silent Hill with Cheryl – kinda-sorta.

Eventually, the past catches up to Harry, and he pays for the protection of his daughter with his life. 

Booker DeWitt


Two BioShock characters on one 'Best Fathers in Video Games' post?! A lot of people would disagree with me saying Booker is a good father to Anna/Elizabeth. But hear me out...

How many times did Booker die attempting to rescue Elizabeth? 122 times. That's fatherly devotion. Yea, most of the time he doesn't even know Elizabeth is his daughter. Yea, he sold her as a baby to pay off his debts, but he immediately regretted it! He tried to get her back! YOU SAW HIM TRY! And if anything, he gets off the hook for selling his daughter, because he technically sold Anna to himself. He should get dad of the year points for buying his daughter, actually.

Booker deserves a spot on this list because he makes the ultimate sacrifice for his daughter in the end. He makes everything right.


Lee Everett

Lee Everett

Perhaps the best father of all isn't a father at all. Lee Everett steps in as a father-of-sorts and protector of Clementine, a young girl he comes across during the beginning of The Walking Dead: A New Day (Episode 1). All alone and hiding out in her tree house, Lee looks after Clementine throughout Season 1 of The Walking Dead.

With Clementine's parents dead, Lee plays the role of her father. He cares for her and loves her, and the two develop a father-daughter relationship. With everything he does and every choice he makes, he keeps what's best for Clementine front and center. Even at the end, he gets done in while trying to rescue her, and with his final breaths, he gives her advice that will help her survive in the world they live in without him.

Lee is very much a father to Clementine, and one of the best fathers I could think of in all of gaming. 

Ethan Mars

Ethan Mars

I can't think of any father on this list that would go through more for their child than Ethan Mars. Ethan has been through a lot: he lost one son to being hit by a car; he was in a coma for six months, his wife divorced him; and then, after all that, the Origami Killer kidnaps his remaining son, Shaun.

During Heavy Rain, Ethan must partake in five trials, each giving him a group of letters to help him find Shaun's location. The trials have him drive against traffic on the highway for five miles within five minutes; cut the last section of one of his fingers off; kill another man; crawl through a tunnel filled with broken glass, only to then go through a maze of electrical condensers; and to drink a bottle of poison that will kill him in 60 minutes.

It's a tough life for Ethan, but his love of Shaun keeps him going. Without Shaun, Ethan would have nothing to live for.

And that's the thing about being a parent – you make the ultimate sacrifices for your children. 

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