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5 Marvel characters that deserve their own movie - Cable

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So I've been counting down five Marvel superheroes that could stand to have their own movie. These are characters that have a lot of backstory, and while some have been in other Marvel Comics movies, they haven't been portrayed how they should have. So far, we've had Gambit, Dr. Strange, Moon Knight and Cyclops. Our number one character ties together some heroes and villains from both of the storylines for Gambit and Cyclops. That superhero is...

#1 Cable

Cable marvel

Cable is a complicated character. His story ventures across multiple time periods and includes different versions of characters. It's almost too convoluted, so whoever penned this script and chose to direct it would have their hands full. I know this sounds stupid, but J.J. Abrams could probably do a Cable movie justice, at least with the whole time travel and character development thing.

Cable is pretty much a mercenary. He's been a member X-Factor, X-Men and Clan Chosen. He's fought alongside The Avengers. He's faced off against The Hulk, S.H.I.E.L.D., Stryfe, Mr. Sinister, Apocalypse and Deadpool. And he also jumps between present day and the future Earth-4935. There's so much that I don't really know where to begin — so we start from the beginning.

Cable's real name is Nathan Summers... yes, you read that correctly. He's the child of Cyclops and Jean Grey, so a Cable movie would tie in directly with the Cyclops movie. You see, when Jean Grey became Phoenix, she eventually committed suicide. Mr. Sinister, who makes a villainous appearance in our Gambit script, has a habit of collecting samples of different mutant's cells. He has done so with Jean Grey, and from those cells he makes a Jean Grey clone he names Madelyne Pryor. He programs her with false memories and the urge to fall in love with Cyclops. They marry and have a child named... surprise, surprise — Nathan. When Jean Grey returns, because no one stays dead in comics, he rushes to her side. While Madelyne goes on to seek revenge, we won't explore that in this movie.

Cable marvel

The main villain looming in the background is Apocalypse. Since Nathan Summers' birth was a plot by Sinister to overthrow his master, he knows that the child will be a powerful adversary. While Apocalypse is severely defeated in an attempt to abduct the child, he manages to infect young Nathan with a techno-organic virus. It's a virus that can't be cured in our time. The solution comes from a visitor from the future. A member of Clan Askani — a sisterhood dedicated to opposing Apocalypse in future Earth-4935 — offeres to save Nathan's life by taking him 2,000 years into the future. Cyclops agrees to the deal, and here's where things get a little weird and should probably even be changed for the movie.

When Nathan gets to the future, Mother Askani, actually Nathan's time-displaced half-sister, clones him in case the virus can't be cured. Apocolypse has his minions attack and steal the clone... but more on that later. Mother Askani (named Rachel) somehow pulls the psyches of Scott and Jean into the future. They settle into Slym and Redd Dayspring, and they raise Nathan for the next 12 years. they teach him how to use his powers to keep the virus at bay.

cable marvel

There needs to be a final clash, though. So enter Apocalypse to face off against the teenage Nathan. In an epic showdown, Nathan defeats and kills Apocalypse, going on to become known as Nathan Dayspring, and later as Cable.

But that's not all; I even have the after the credits sequence planned — we get to see a flashback through Apocalypse's eyes. Remember Nathan's clone that Apocalypse captured? Well Apocalypse raises the clone to be arrogant and cruel. And thus, we have the set-up for our sequel. The clone is called Stryfe and will battle Cable repeatedly.

I think this is the strongest place to start a Cable movie. It would have to be a teenager that plays Nathan Summers, and I'm having a hard time thinking of one that would be good for the role, so it would probably be an unknown.

So there you have it — our five Marvel characters that deserve their own movies. What did you think of the list? Anyone that you prefer more? Which movie would be your favorite? And who would play a good Cable? Sound off in the comments below.

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