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5 Improvements Destiny 2 makes over the original

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I’ve spent quite some time over the past couple of weeks sinking my teeth into Bungie’s latest title, a sequel to the controversial, yet successful, Destiny. As someone who was chomping at the bit to get his hands on the original game back in 2014, I was left with a terrible taste in my mouth due to the underwhelming nature of the initial release. Even though I was aware the subsequent expansions vastly improved Destiny, I had already moved on and found it hard to care about a game I felt somewhat betrayed by. It makes me happy to say, then, that Destiny 2 is so good I find myself in a place that only a handful of games put me; I call it “Just one more mission” syndrome. 

If the fundamental aspect of Destiny, I.e. grinding for loot, was a deal breaker for you with the first game, no number of improvements will change your mind. Destiny is and always will be about that, so it’s best to let go now of the idea of ever becoming a part of that community. That being said, if you merely just wished Destiny was better, this the game for you.

On the following page (all in one place), you can find all of the biggest reasons why Destiny 2 is everything its predecessor wasn’t.

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