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5 games that could get the HD remaster treatment

These are the games we need remastered!

Recently, we received the official word from Warner Bros. that some of the most critically acclaimed games from the last generation -- Arkham Asylum & Arkham City, will be making their way over to the next gen consoles.

It's a little odd that Warner Bros. decided to release this collection after the latest entry in the series, Arkham Knight, but regardless we're still happy to see it makes it's way over. But it has to make us think, if the Arkham series could make its way over, what else could?

Yes, we had a bunch of remasters since the beginning of this generation cycle, but some were needed while others were always a puzzle to figure out how it made its way over.

Undoubtedly fans of the Arkham franchise will jump back into this new collection, but with the decent amount of rumors regarding future remaster still remain high. So you got to ask, what are the top 5 games that could and potentially deserve a remaster?

Let's find out!

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