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5 Free to Play Games That Come With a Price

 We take a look at 5 free to play games that cost no money, but come with a price. We all pay something in the end. Keep watching this totally free video (with ads) to find out!
5. Toribash
Toribash has to be seen to be explained, ok watch this...Ok nope that doesn't relaly explain much. Ok, look you activate parts of the body in this sort of turn based 1 v 1 fighting game. It's very hard to do, very still in the works, but when you pull off a jump kick or a throw you might as well firing guns in the air and burn your house down because you just did the impossible. This game gives you nothing and demands YOU make it happen. Want to kick someones head off? Make it happen! We won't let you get there with the press of a button! Fighting online against randoms is easy to do and fighting the computer is very educational. Matching up with a friend requires the two of you are already talking via skype or some other program just so you can find each other, but once you do the carnage can begin...sorta. This game is free, but you pay a price. Luckily not a heavy one. You will start googling Toribash how to videos and writing down click algorithms on pieces of paper. It would almost be easier to program your own fighting game than to do this. You will start getting headaches. You will wonder where your day went and you will never look at your butt muscles the same way again. Enjoy!
4. War Thunder
World War 2 era planes fight it out in gloriously rendered skies! Smoke billows from your B25 Bomber as you wrestle for control after being turned into swiss cheeze by a Japanese Zero. Your plane touches down hard and your landing gear buckles under the weight. Your propellers bend back and you slide across the airfield runway! A trail of smoke and flame in your wake! You grind to a hault and realize you are still alive and even though you got shot down this game is friggin awesome. this game lets anyone in. No money? Ok. Mouse and Keyboard? We have control schemes for that! Want to have fun? Arcade mode! Want a challenge? Realistic mode! Do you have a fully functional cockpit in your living room? Simulator mode is for you! This game gives you so many ways to enjoy and learn about World war 2 and the planes that fought through it. Free yes, but the price you pay comes from the grind to unlock new planes. You need to dedicate some serious time to this game to make it worth while. In addition you wil always be reminded of what yyou COULD have had. After playing a while you might start getting frustrated with other players when you realize everyone is a fighter plane and noone is playing as bombers so you cant get objectives. Then when you play as a bomber you realize everyone is just dogfighting and noone wants to cover tehbombers. Oh and never ever go on the forums for War Thunder. We hear it's awful. 
3. Hearthstone
I have played a few online card games, but none have wowed me quite like Hearthstone. I feel Blizzards characters and voice work are at Disney levels of quality. They take what could be a very boring card game and turn it into a spectacle! Cards are now these awesome medallion looking things that crash onto the table, and when they attack they jump up and fly across the screen. Beyond the flashy fun stuff is an extreamly well balanced fighthing system and game mechanic. In addition there are a few game modes to help keep things interesting. It's a good game that you can spend hours playing...and if you want to keep this game free that is exactly what you will need to do. Unless you like losing you will have a hard time playing online without grinding really hard. You will have to claw your way to the top and it won't be easy. You might think youre about to win that online match and that guy will pull out some card you have never even heard of! In a way the price of this free to play game is the price itself. i would dismiss it all together...if it wasn't so damn FUN! 
2. Velvet Sundown
This game is so good in theory that I keep coming back to it...Then I remeber why I left. But then I keep coming back! Like a murder mystery dinner, you are thrust into a scenario with 5 other real players who are all trying to find info and make secret deals. You chat with other players in real time using real conversation skills to pry and get info. You can eavesdrop on other people, double cross them, and even taser them in the neck for no reason at all! This game is incredibly fun with friends, but when you play alone and you are assigned a female character, get ready to be hit on mercelessly. The price of social interaction online with no restrictions or moderation means this delightful Mystery game just turned into Verbal Sexual Assault Simulator 2014. And no one wants that. Ok some people want that, but not here! Boot it up and check it out, its fun, until it gets not fun...it might get alittle...rapey.
1. League of Legends
Fast paced heart pumping arena combat like nothing that has ever come before. Incredibe visuals and gameplay so solid that it ushered in a new era of gaming as a spectator sport. And with all the support and an incredible free to play model, this game is accessable to any and all. The price of this game for me has been, sleepless nights, aggrivating skype calls, and the loss of one friend. I'm Sorry Keith! Let's work it out man! These games are full of angry people who demand you be an expert from the start or you get the hell out. Be prepared to get yelled at a lot, told what to do, insulted, and trolled. If your mental and emotional wallet can take it, these MOBAS will bring you the greatest gaming expereinces you have ever had and possibly help you grow emotionally.
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