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5 champions that should get the Pulsefire Ezreal treatment

I... I don't... I don't know what to say. I'm in awe. Riot Games has just made my day. Today, they released a League of Legends video showcasing a new skin for my favorite champion. That champion is Ezreal. The skin? Pulsefire. That's right. Next time you post "Pulsefire where?" again, someone will run up to you and punch you in the face. (Scroll down to watch the Pulsefire Ezreal video)

The Pulsefire Ezreal skin is finally here, and Riot is doing things with this skin that they've never done before. First off, the devs have said that this is there venture into sci-fi skins. We're not counting UFO Corki or Viktor. Secondly, Ezreal is now getting a jet pack at level 16 that allows him to soar a short distance. Hell to the mutha f*ckin' yes. The best part about the skin? At levels 6, 11, and 16, the skin evolves. It levels up with your ult, giving you much cooler upgrades each time.

Pulsefire Ezreal skin change

This got me thinking: what other champions would be prime candidates to get the Pulsefire treatment, complete with the new animations and Pulsefire Armor upgrades. So here are five champions that we think should get Pulsefire skins.


First off, he's the "machine herald." Second, he already fires a laser out of a mechanical hand. Third, his abilities would look awesome with the Pulsefire sci-fi look. Imagine the new particle effects they can put on Death Ray! And how far off is techmaturgy from Pulsefire? Also, his passive is Evolving Technology; isn't that what is going on with the Pulsefire Ezreal skin?


This revered inventor can use a skin overhaul anyways, but think about how cool his turrets would be with Pulsefire stuff! With this sci-fi skin, the turrets could have four different looks to them, getting more and more technologically advanced as you level up the ult. He can throw futuristic tools (whatever those may look like; i'm not a real hands-on guy) and his inventor goggles could be a play off of Ezreal's. I mean, I'd love a Steampunk Heimer skin, but I like the way Pulsefire is going.


Xerath fires beams of energy, and his ult (Arcane Barrage) is pulse-like in nature. His ult would look amazing if it was, like, a strike that he called down from a Pulsefire ship... or something like that. Yea, he's mostly a glowing light with pieces of armor floating around him, but I think the ceiling with what they could do with it is rather high. Also, Xerath deserves it; right now his skins are just re-colorings.


Yea, the guy is from the Void; so how does that translate into the Pulsefire look? The great thing is, it doesn't have to make sense. How did Ezreal make sense? But the look of Kassadin combined with the swap of Nether Blade to Pulsefire Blade would look freakin' sweet. I would love to see how Riot would translate Force Pulse and Riftwalk into the world of Pulsefire. Also, Pulsefire Kassadin has a certain ring to it.


Guaranteed that no one would ever again say "Nerf Irelia," unless they're jealous that their favorite champion didn't get a Pulsefire skin. There's two reason that Irelia would make a ton of sense for this: one is that her armor is most fitting for the futuristic sci-fi skin, as it already looks kind of futuristic. The second reason is that I want to see what crazy idea Riot comes up with for her hovering blades. They could have a ton of fun with her ult — which I personally feel is boring to watch — and also with her dance/other animations. Get it done Riot!

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