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3DS game releases for February 2016

Let's see... a tactics game, or a tactics game?

3DS game releases for February 2016

Not only does the 3DS only have two releases this month (but hey, that's already two more than the Wii U) they both fit into the same genre; Tactics. The first one is a mash-up of various SEGA, Bandai and Capcom franchises in the form of Project X Zone 2. The second is a grand tactics game split into three possible campgains, depending on which one you purchase, with Fire Emblem Fates.

Project X Zone 2

The first Project X Zone was a pleasant surprise, as it not only provided some fantastic fan service by mashing up characters from SEGA, Bandai and Capcom games, but also provided a neat real-time combat system when two enemy units would meet up on the battlefield. The second in the series adds even more iconic characters to the roster, which will obviously result in some fantastic team-ups.

Fire Emblem Fates

Unlike Fire Emblem: Awakening, Fates will have you choose one of two factions (depending on which game you buy) and then continue the story as that faction until the end. Each faction will provide its own unique story. A third story will also be available, where players don't side with any faction, and instead start their own. Featuring deep tactics combat and character relationships, those looking for intense tactical gameplay on the go are sure to find it here.

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