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35 things we would love to see come to Disney Infinity

disney infinity

Disney Infinity has slowly been adding to their roster of Disney and Pixar characters with new figurines like Rapunzel, Jack Skellington, Wreck-it Ralph and Venelope, Sorcerer Mickey, and Anna and Elsa from Frozen. There's also constant Toy Box creation releases. But that hasn't stopped us from wanting more. Here's 35 things we would love to see come to Disney Infinity:

1. Monorails - Please stand clear of the doors; Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas.

monorail disney world

2. Parades - Electric Light Parade anyone?

electric light parade

3. Full-fledged interiors - Give us furniture and Toy Box items to decorate interiors of buildings we make. Or just give us buildings that have interiors to play in.

disney furniture


4. Wall-E - Give us Wall-E and Eve, and maybe even some Power Discs with Eve's blaster and a space theme with the Axiom for Toy Box.

wall-e gif

5. Mulan Play Set - It has horseback riding, archery, swords, spears, karate, fighting, awesome music, a great environment, army building, and a good enemy -- perfect for a Play Set.

mulan gif

6. The Little Mermaid Play Set - This Play Set could be really unique. We could get Sebastian and Ariel, and it would be underwater and on land!

ariel little mermaid gif

7. Marvel characters - I'm not asking for a Play Set. There's so many Marvel games as it is. But give me Iron Man and the Avengers.

avengers gif

8. Star Wars original trilogy Play Set - I would love to see the original Star Wars trilogy converted into a Play Set. Action-adventure ftw! And you get to build up the rebel alliance!

han solo star wars gif

9. Lightsaber weapons in Toy Box - At least give us lightsabers to play around with.

cats lightsaber gif


10. Swiss Family Robinson tree house Toy Box items - Kids love tree houses. This would allow us to build the ultimate tree house.

swiss family robinson

11. Splash Mountain - Everybody's got a laughing place to go ho ho.

splash mountain

12. The Muppet Theater - It's time to get things started...

the muppet theater

13. The Muppets - The Muppets are getting their second movie in the past 3 years. Time for us to play as them. Kissie Kissie!

the muppets gif

14. Aladdin Play Set - Remember how great the Aladdin game was on the Sega Genesis? Imagine that in Disney Infinity's engine.

aladdin gif

15. Maleficent - Getting a new movie. Check. Great Disney villain? Definitely. 

maleficent gif

16. Tinkerbell and the Fairies - Tinkerbell has, like, 5 movies. She's popular.

tinkerbell fairies gif

17. Jake and the Neverland Pirates - This show is insanely popular on Disney Junior and little kids will eat it up.

jake and the neverland pirates gif

18. Peter Pan Play Set - It has flying, sword fights, pirate boats, cannons, crocodiles and so much more. Second star to the right, and straight on 'til we have a Neverland Play Set.

peter pan gif

19. Brave's Merida - A fine addition to Disney Infinity, she could wield a bow and have the Will O' the Wisps.

brave merida gif

20. John Carter Play Set - Maybe I was the only one that liked the movie, but if The Lone Ranger has a Play Set, John Carter and its awesome sci-fi setting should too!

john carter gif

21. Winnie the Pooh Play Set - Just imagine the Little Black Raincloud quest.

winnie the pooh gif

22. Bolt - Equipped with Super Bark and other super powers, he'd be like the Incredibles characters, but, you know, a dog instead.

bolt gif

23. National Treasure - I can't be the only one that wants to play this adventure-puzzle Play Set as Nicholas Cage. Imagine how epic his figurine could look...

national treasure gif

24. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Play Set - Seriously... how are these characters, vehicles and buildings not in the game yet?

mickey mouse clubhouse gif

25. The Emperor's New Groove - Emperor's New Groove gets no love. Give us Kronk and you'll make a lot of people happy.

emperor's new groove gif kronk

26. Lilo and Stitch Play Set - An alien space adventure and a Hawaiian roller coaster ride. Ohana!

lilo and stitch gif

27. The Lion King - I'm picturing the first 2-in-1 character with Timon and Pumba as one figure.

timon and pumba gif

28. Darkwing Duck - Come on. Make this happen. He's like the Batman of Disney!

darkwing duck gif

29. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers - Again, just think of the theme song! Oh nostalgia...

rescue rangers

30. Talespin - Oh-ee-yeah, spin it!


31. Hercules Play Set - Give me the strong, sword-wielding Hercules taking on every monster Hades can throw at him.

hercules gif

32. The Rocketeer - I'm guessing this would be perfect to go with a reboot of the movie. The jetpack, the helmet, the moves -- show the Rocketeer some love!

the rocketeer gif

33. Items - Like helmets and outfits to equip and change the look of your character

sorcerer mickey

34. The Sword in the Stone - Merlin, Archimedes and Newt. It's King Arthur for crying out loud!

the sword in the stone gif

35. Robin Hood Play Set - Oo-de-lally, Oo-de-lally, Golly what a day...

robin hood disney gif

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