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Need Humanity: Dark Souls playthrough Episode 11 – Blighttown, Maneater Mildred, & Quelaag


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

The Need Humanity playthrough series looks to introduce newer players to Dark Souls, help them with general mechanics, find items, and help with bosses. I trudge through Lordran, derp around bonfires, and kills some badies in the process.

In the eleventh of this series, me and Rei dive into the horrible horrible lands of Blighttown; a lovely place where even the water poisons you. Once they actually reach the bottom floor (we definitely don’t die three times on the way down), they show you how to take out the butcher Maneater Mildred to later help you in your fight vs. Quelaag. During our vacation, we get swarmed by poison mosquitoes. With the Maneater on their side, we are able to explain the fight in detail and ring the second bell of awakening. I may say “patting her head, it’s going to shoot fire straight ahead” a few dozen times. 

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