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Let’s Play: League of Legends’ New Heartseeker Ashe skin on the new Hexakill map


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

What is Valentine’s Day without a new sexy League of Legends skin for Ashe? Nothing I say! While GameZone’s Anthony plays Ashe I sit by with, ummm, moral support? Something like that anyways! Not only will you be witnessing Ashe’s new Heartseeker skin in action, WITH the Valentine’s Day Vayne skin (Love Lane), but it will take place on the brand new Hexakill map. How is the Hexakill map any different? Well, there is one more player on each team – hence, the hexa (six) prefix. Spoiler, no Hexakill occurs in this match. Sad face.

Also featured in this match is some powerful Seal singing. Do I know the lyrics to Kiss from a Rose? Does it matter? I say no. Although it starts 6v6, the curse of the PBE kicks in and it ends as a 4v5. Also, never tell Anthony that Zed has him. S@#$ got real! Enjoy. 

Tags: League of Legends, Let's Play

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