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Batman: Arkham Origins Walkthrough

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Gotham's Most Wanted


Edward Nigma - RIDDLER

Lonnie Machin - ANARKY

The first Anarky projection - you come across it when you exit Penguin's boat.
You will find an Anarchist who is standing on the platform above the Projection and when you talk to him, he'll tell you where the bomb is - you go after it within the time limit. Beat up the other guys within the time and then find the red lined glass box and break it to defuse the bomb.

Repeat this twice - find the other two Anarchists and do the same. Then Anarky will ask you to come to the Courthouse - go there and use the back door. During the fight he keeps throwing down a grenade after each wave of thugs you take down. During the last wave, Anarky will come down and throw grenades - he also has a electric baton with him - jump over him and hit him from behind or use special attacks on him. Make sure he is staying down so he does not throw grenades at you all the time.

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot - PENGUIN

After you get the Disruptor and come out of Gotham City HQ, Barbara calls this in and tell you about the six arms caches.

Jervis Tetch - MAD HATTER

You'll find three mind controlled Bunnies as you exit the sewer carrying a message from Jarvis.

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