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Should you buy GTA V or Saints Row IV?

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It's fairly obvious which game you'll want to go with if you're looking for realism over silliness. Everything about Saints Row IV is geared toward the ridiculous, and as we discussed in regard to tone, is over-the-top. Los Santos is a living, breathing city modeled after Los Angeles, with side quests and activities firmly rooted within the real world. Even though you can lose a wanted level at the drop of a hat, you're still very much a part of an in-game landscape where attention has been paid to recreate important details of the city. Saints Row IV lets you do the impossible, but GTA V stays grounded.


Saints Row IV is awash in multicolored hues, allowing rainbow hair, bright red gimp masks, and hot pink heels if your heart desires. Apply that color scheme to the entire game. When you're cruising around Steelport, expect a purplish/black hue to permeate the city due to permanent night, though the occasional neon sign is as gaudy as can be. Character models are deliberately exaggerated and colorful, and you're dealing with alien soldiers. Expect a cartoony feel to permeate the game. Grand Theft Auto V features realistic portrayals of citizens, vehicles, and buildings. Think of it as a "city simulator" of sorts, with natural hues to accompany the realistic art style.



Saints Row IV features drop-in/drop-out cooperative play, so you can enjoy missions and the single-player campaign with friends. You can still mess about in the city, but it's possible to complete the game together. It's best for friends who want to partner up until the credits roll, taking in every awesome moment together. Grand Theft Auto V does not have a cooperative mode, but it does allow you to buddy up with friends -- Grand Theft Auto Online will act as an extensive multiplayer option as well. You won't be able to experience the story with a friend, but you'll be able to explore Los Santos to your heart's desire.

Which one are you going to go with? Let us know, and happy gaming!

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