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GTA Online tips for fun & winning

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Try different Jobs, mess with settings, play Tennis

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The breadth of job types is kind of crazy, and if you’re hosting you’ll want to screw around with the options, or encourage your host to change things up. The racing alone features so much more than cars and tracks. Players can engage in GTA Races, which feature Mario Kart-esque power-ups (press in the right stick and then the left stick to shoot missiles behind you!), or you can elect to play a Rally, where one player drives and another player gives them directions. You can even race helicopters!

Then there’s deathmatch, where you can go to war on foot, or in vehicles like tanks. Survival mode lets you kill in co-op, providing a simple horde mode in a variety of locales. The variety of missions is truly impressive -- one has a team of dirt bikes racing to a location while a team of jets tries to blow them up from above. It’s just crazy stuff.

It’s also worth noting that some jobs won’t be found in the standard playlists. You’ll have to track them down in the open world and invite someone to join you from there. Tennis, Golf, Arm Wrestling, Darts, and more can be played this way.

Use your phone for banking, buying property and high-end cars, and more

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As in the single player, money is your gateway to better cars, guns, clothes, and property. There are some tricks to getting it and keeping it. While you can go to an in-world ATM to deposit your cash for safe-keeping (you lose a percentage of your un-banked cash when you die), it’s easier to just pull up your phone, go on the Internet, and make a deposit through the Money and Services tab. There you’ll also find the stock market and real estate websites. Buying real estate gives you access to multi-car garages for storing vehicles and a mechanic that can deliver your vehicle to you when you call them.

Learn some shortcuts

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Beyond your phone, which provides quick access to any current Job invitations, your list of contacts (you can even call your friends for a one-on-one chat), banking, and more, you also have some handy controller shortcuts. Hold the Back or Select button to bring up a quick reference menu that allows you to quickly set waypoints, highlight your friends on the map, start an impromptu race in free roam, and give your friends money, just to name a few options. Double tap down on the d-pad to expand the map for a larger view without fully pausing the game. Also keep in mind that the pause menu has a ton of options for gathering friends, forming crews, and starting Jobs.

Gather some friends and enjoy the variety

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My final tip for having fun in GTA Online is to simply take it all in, preferably with some friends. Don’t do any one thing for too long. There’s so much variety in GTA Online, but if you don’t take advantage of that you might get bored quick. Race golf carts with Mario Kart-style power-ups, steal a tanker truck with the help of your friends, see how far you can get in survival mode, grief your friends in free roam, rob an armored truck, steal a car, but don’t ever let yourself get bored, because there’s always something new to do. That’s the appeal of GTA Online, an endless pile of fun things to do, in a giant city, with fifteen other real, live humans.

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