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Splinter Cell Blacklist Spies vs Mercs Multiplayer Tips for Fun & Winning

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5) Explore the maps solo

Spies vs Mercs

If you’re looking to really take advantage of every hiding spot, one of the neat tricks you can do is to start a private match by yourself and explore the maps. You might even be tempted to do this before you jump online, but I’ll tell you now that this is a mistake. Get your bearings online naturally and then go back and explore. The extra context makes the exploration a lot more meaningful.

6) Try out other modes

Spies vs Mercs Blacklist

Extraction is a really interesting reversal of roles where mercs must capture an objective while spies attempt to stop them. Uplink Control is a sort of conquest mode where teams can mix and match spies and mercs. Even the Team Deathmatch, which would typically be a groan-inducing addition to this series, is unique simply because teams can have spies and mercs working together. Trying other modes is also a great way to experiment with the tools in ways you might never get a chance to in the core game types.

7) A few notes for SvM Classic play...

Splinter Cell Blacklist Multiplayer

- You can shoot lights in SvM Classic if they don’t have grating protecting them.

- As a spy, double tap the grenade button to drop a grenade at your feet. It’s great for ninja-style getaways.

- In a melee duel, a merc will almost always win if they do two things -- face the spy and walk toward them. The forward momentum puts the merc in the more favorable position.

- As a merc, don’t forget your ammo box! Laying out an ammo box allows both mercs to replenish their proximity mines and grenades. Mercs aren’t nearly as threatening without these tools, so keep yourself stocked up.

8) SvM is about mind games, not skill

Spies vs Mercs

The better players online will likely have a routine. They see their enemies going to the same places every time and they punish them accordingly. The goal is to play against their expectations. It’s about tricking them into making mistakes, not outgunning them. A crackshot merc is going to kill a spy more quickly, but ultimately it’s about staying one step ahead of the other team.

As a merc, don’t place mines on the objectives, but place them in high traffic spy paths. Keep watch for the indicator that a spy has disabled your mine, and go check out that area.

As a spy, trick the mercs into believing you’re in one place and head for another. Keep them nervous and keep them guessing. Ultimately, the extra time they spend looking for you at one objective is more time for you to smartly approach a different one.

9) Share your tips!

Splinter Cell Blacklist’s Spies vs. Mercs is a tactical, methodical multiplayer mode and there is a ton to take in as you play and learn. I’m just scratching the surface here, so please, if you’ve been playing and you have some advice of your own, share it in the comments below.

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